Sunday, December 20, 2009

luces parpadeantes de Diciembre

Im tired.
Exhausted with everything.
College's stuff especially, since i'll face UAS for the first time next week.
MCC's materials, sometimes I was so spiritful to deal with it, but lastly I became so desperately cansado.

I got fever yesterday, and I still feeling not really well today.
So far this December is different with wonderful November. I spent a lot of money, begged my mom to send me more. I had to fix my laptop's battery and the broken charger. Paid the laundries. Paid my room.
SO many things passed-by then gone inside my head.

I don't want to make my mom dissapointed If she noticed her son becoming this wretchedly lazy.
Life is simply like a paparazzi's flickering lights.

Man, what do I really want? Get bored during a vacation, wanna be alone when stayed in the middle of crowd, and want to hang out with other so badly when stucked inside my little room by myself?


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