Sunday, July 4, 2010

About Making Myself Comfortable

I can't stand it. Staying in uncomfortable situation.
Heck yes I'll always face these (as long as I live on the surface of the earth).
Getting rid of thingies that made me uncomfortable is the solution for me.
If I can't get rid of those stuff, I'll find the other way: ignore it or avoid it.

So, what's the deal?

As the matter of fact, this Criminal Law business is really pissing me off. I understand that I rarely joined the class, but that's due to the boring methode of the lecturers. The substance of Criminal Law is already difficult, what can you expect from a worse teacher? I just don't get it.

The problem is, when I came to face the Criminal Law's exam, I barely knew anything. The result is im getting a 'D'. Thank God I had enrolled on the summer school program so then I still get a chance to pump up my grade (as the consequences, I can't go back to Makassar for Semester Break). I knew it, from the very beginning that I'll fail that freaking class. But to find my classmates getting A and being satirize by old friend of me (who know nothing about this life) is surely embarassing.

I tell you this: I can't stand Criminal Law because for me, it is not make me comfortable. It is up to you to use what kind of dictionary to define the word 'comfortable' but I have my own definition for it.

I still get the second chance (thank Lord) and I will not waste it. I'll beat an 'A' to upgrade my GPA.

This note sounds furious. I'm sorry.

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