Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friendship "PRICE"

Friendship is like a glass of water.
It could be a half empty, or a half filled with water. You decide which one is which, using your own perspective, while in fact they could be blatantly the same.

A friend of mine, that I used to call as bestfriend, has her own interpretation.

Four years of exchanging ideas, hanging out together, sharing dreams, and "smart yet also stupid" discussions are not enough. Yeah, a year of separation and busy-stuff in fact could change a bestfriend becoming a "person".

"... to be busy and not realize small things that matters."

small things?

small things that matters?

small things?

"Walking on this road, I probably become that person you hate."

Thank you for at least gave me a "warning" by your future prophecy of your own up-coming character.

The world is cruel, yes we agreed on that long time ago. But people could even make it more cruel than ever. Especially them who you used to call as 'friend'.

PS: Don't stop from inspiring others, because at the end you are the one who need inspiration from others.

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