Friday, September 30, 2011

Finding a New Beginning at The End of September

September, the misplaced month. It was destined to be the seventh, but it comes at the ninth. Many unfortunate acts was conducted in this dry month. The notorious G 30 S PKI, the 9/11 attack, and even the World War II was started around this time. I'm not trying to say that this is the baddest month of the year, because there's no such thing. September is the witness, it has played important role throughout history. A worldwidely known band wrote a song which explicitly says; 'wake me up, when September end'. September is a moment when you've traveled half way & evaluate -what have I done so far?-. September is also a time when you were about to get ready for the end of the year. You only have 3 months left before the new dawn shining upon your feet. Will you walk in the best path and choose the right decision?

Knowing the importance of September, it is best for us to take a nice & relaxing seat, settling down, and planning for the next prepared days. You might feel tired, you might feel a bit cranky of the passed eight months. There'll always be the third chance, and if you could get it right in this last quarter, you will end the year with victorious parade.

Just like my newly-given Singapore's Universal Studio Jurassic Park tumblr from Chandra -astonishingly weird or looks cocky but also very eye catching & unbelievably cute-.

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