Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Train Tragedi, YES Selection Camp, Keris Bugis, and The Missing Android

What a title. I posseses no adjectives or precise words to elaborate events and feelings that I had experienced during these last four days. Let's come back and see what I did or what did happen to me:

November 11, 2011
05.00pm: I put my favorite Ganesha T-Shirt on, wore my favorite Italian cap and tucked my arms on square patterned Cole's jacket sleeve. Mas Abe (Gita's newest boyfriend) said that he'll pick me up at Bunderan Filsafat. We were planning to watch Ramayana Ballet in Collaboration with Indian Performers at Prambanan Temple tonight. I always longing to see the show, and it was like a jackpot for me: the tickettes were cheaper, I could watch the mix performents from two different cultures and couldn't expect more than having Gita and her family as my companions.

07.15pm: We finally arrived at Panggung Trimurti Prambanan where the show took place. After waiting for like 10 minutes, the show started. At first I was thrilled by the performers. The Indian and Indonesian dancers were lined up and gave their homage to audience. I was also thrilled by the duo-music collaboration between javanese gamelan and the Indian instruments on the opening. A bit uncatchy, but I praised their effort to do the best.

08.00-10.00pm: I have to admit that it wasn't the best show I've ever watched. The Indian performents barely danced, they just plainly acted and moved in accordance with their (slowly but sure became so boring) music. The javanese dancers and concepts were great. A bunch of cute little monkeys which played by children entertained the audience. My favorite scenes were when the rakshasas dancing and mocking each other and also when Anoman (unfortunately the Indian one) burned Alengka. It created a fiery backgorund effects as if Candi Prambanan was flaming, burnt by Anoman.

November 12, 2011

06.30am: Woke up early in the morning to catch the very first train to Jakarta. I was sure to come to Pameran Keris Bugis at Bentara Budaya Kompas Gramedia, Jakarta Pusat. I was also sure that I could stay in Wisma Handayani for free, because from November 11-15 the AFS National office will conduct a YES Selection Camp. As one of YES eminent and good alumni, I deliberately offer myself to help the camp; I was asked to be interview's observer and also jury for Dinamika Kelompok. Primi picked me up and brought me to Stasiun Tugu. I couldn't get an economic class to Jakarta, therefore opposing my principal plan for cheap traveling, I must take executive class seat to get there. It was a VERY BAD idea to visit some place without clear planning or even ordered tickettes (to go and to come back). I regret my decision to play a safety-unplanned-trip to Jakarta this year...

06.30pm: After a superlong journey inside Taksaka's executive class, I finally arrived in Stasiun Gambir Jakata Pusat. I had to wait for almost 2 hours more in order to be "accompanied" by Sam, Randy, and Azhar. None of them were there when I came so, trapped in hunger, smelly and sweaty t-shirt, cold, I must stood up plus kept my eyes watchful of their presence. But I absolutely proclaimed to all my readers that it was worth it. Had my bestpeople around is just wonderful, especially if you are a stranger on place where you know nobody.

10.00pm: Due to the lackness of rest inside my executive class (the AC was supercold and a mother who seated next to me failed to shut her babies' crying down) and empty stomach, I suffered fever. We went to Rijal's place and had a stay-over together (except Randy because he must go to hospital). Ghina repeatedly texted me and threw an invitation to meet up, had breakfast, or even just to go to Handayani together. The trembling headache couldn't be resist, I rejected her offers.

November13, 2011

06.00am: Leaving to Handayani with Azhar and Sam. Rijal went to Cibubur (he was selected as SEA GAMES committee this year) so he couldn't go with us. I arrived in Wisma Handayani, stormed in to Yekti's room and jumped around with her. I stayed on the same room with Dimas and Bintang, another dazzling reunion moment with friends from my batch.

08.00am-12.30am: Had breakfast, then went to the Selection Camp Building. My first job was to be an observer for Kak Diar and Kit Klipinger, an official from the State Department. It is highly confidential to share the proceedings, so I'll keep it secret. Met with people from AFS Orientation Camp last August, nice chit-chat which recalled beautiful memories.

01.00pm-12.00pm: After lunch break, I met committees which are from my batch. It was crazy, for almost 4 years didn't get any chance to see each other now finally all of us standing and talking in the same room! I met Iqbal, Febri, Yeyen, Ermy, Aas, Aini, Upi, Dita, Sugeng, and Raka (he didn't enter the building, waited me and Yeyen on the parking alot). We finished Dinamika Kelompok at 9pm, had great nostalgic moment at the lobby while watching Indonesian version of Dancing with The Stars and Fantastic Four. After that, we went out to grab Sate Padang and some beverages. We spent the night by playing cards that Bintang bought before. It was a short but very exquisite quality of time with my AFS Golden Batch :)

November 14, 2011

10.00am-01.00pm: I went out with Fit to Bentara Budaya Kompas at Palmerah Selatan. We barely know where is it. Diku was there too, she came faster than us. We finally made it to the Kompas Building, but for heaven's sake, it's very big! After walked for 5 minutes to Joglo Bentara Budaya, we finally met Diku and visited the Keris Bugis Exhibition. You can find the details of our visit on Fit only had free time until 01.00 pm, so we couldn't really enjoy the atmosphere and the stories. I must rushed in order to see the whole exhibition and bought "Keris Magazine" with Soekarno's Edition. It wasn't that satisfying, but oh well, what can I say. I took a lot of pictures and was planning to upload it on facebook before...

November 15, 2011

05.00am: I woke up in hurry, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and jumped onto the street to find taxi. It was a very dark morning in Jakarta, I should say. As I've mentioned before, I didn't have round-trip tickets. So, since this is the last day of YES Selection and all the committees are gone, I had to catch a taxi and got a ticket for the earliest train from Jakarta to Jogja. I must say that it was a mess. A total mess. I put my android on the cab's seat and enjoyed my meal. The taxi stopped at Gambir, and I handed Rp 50.000 bill to the driver, he said that he didnt have the change, so I went out to the nearest warung and get some gorengan. I was on the hangover state of mind due to the lackness of sleep and supertired, so I went out too to pick up my bag inside the baggage without knowing that I was actually leaving my android on it's seat. And there I was, received the change, walked slowly to the station, found the ticket booth. When I reached my pocket and couldn't find the cellphone... Voila. I was a mess. I borrowed another taxi driver's cell to call mind in hope that the generous hearted driver or his passanger would keep it for me. Well... Obviously I don't live in Japan or Switzerland, the cellphone was turned off by somebody and all I got is this crappy imagination of my parents' wrath, my sister's anger, and a regret for not copying the whole important files before they are gone...

The rest of the story is: I made it back to Jogja, but the 8 hours journey was like a living hell filled with sadness and dissapoinment. My mom was very mad, no new cellphone until unconsidered time. Now, all I have is nothing but an old cellphone from my dad which will turn off anytime someone calls it due to the wretchedness of it's battery. Poor me :(

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