Sunday, December 13, 2009

Andalucía, I want You SO BAD

La Mezquita en Cordoba

When I was in USA, I loved to visit Athens Public Library. They had a marvelous collection of traveler handy books which shows amazing pictures of places around the globe. I had notice how this world could be so small after journeyed almost a half of the world from Indonesia to Malaysia, spent some hours on Frankfurt, Germany and end up on The States. I’ve visited the boundaries of United States and Canada via Lake Erie at my beloved state Ohio. I also had already enjoyed the sunny days of Anna Maria Island on The Gulf of Mexico. Anyway, those book about Andalucía that I borrowed from Public Library had razzled-dazzled me with a great dream and hooked me with an attractive description to start another journey to Spain.

I becoming interest on Spaniards culture after learned Spanish at Athens High School. My bestfriend from Venezuela, Madelaine Parra also taught me about that language slowly. Senora Santoni, our Puerto Riquean teacher brought salsa, played video and generally told us story about Latino-America and Spain.

I’ve heard about Andalucía a long-long time ago.I learned about it from my history class. It was a center of Moorish Civilization which glowing during the age of darkness while the rest of Europe still attached on their old and superficial minded. The Andalucían-Moorish inhabitant had put such a wonderful effort on reaching the highest culture that human could ever do back on that time. Hearing Lara’s adventure while she stayed on Spain for some years really brought me into a motivation to start my own trip.

I spent hours to browse on the internet about Alhambra, Sevilla, Cordova, La Mezquita, Medina Azahara and other enormous ruines and Moorish-Omayyads remainings around the region of Andalucia. I remember Lara told me that the cultural atmosphere around those places are different with the rest of the Spain. Those places are so unique, mixed tradition, really inexpressible. She also told me about a fascinating story of the perfect symetry between Alhambra's building and the clarity of the pool. She took a picture of the place via the pool's reflection and amazed when saw fishes were flying on the Alhambra's roof. Because i had to come back to Indonesia on 2008, I couldn’t start my trip to Spain. My Spanish class had a plan to visit Spain on 2009, I don’t know whether they made it there or not (Did you, Avery?).

I’ve made a promise with Sue, Aaron, and Lara that someday I’ll make it to Andalucia. At first, I was planning to go to university on Spain and take history or art focusing on the Moorish Culture, but my parents did not agree. Since I’ve been approved on Law Faculty Universitas Gadjah Mada (one of the best in Asia), I decide to be a good lawyer or legal advisor at some big companies to collect money for my Andalucia’s amazing trip in the future. Yeah, I shall visit that place, at least once in my life time!

I will.



You will be there someday :)

Ahlul is Louie!!! said...

Sure, dude. And you'll make to your own too :)