Wednesday, January 27, 2010

About people that gone and blown by the time

I woke up this morning at 9:40 am and found myself lying at my parents’ bedroom. Yeah, I’m here, on my beloved hometown, Makassar. I’ve been here for a week and three days. I got a nice refreshing time after UAS and MCC’s training. My team will be ready for Oral Pleadings by the time I’m back to Jogja. Preparation to Hong Kong is almost done, except for the delaying sponsorship proposals. Naturally I love to be on my own house again (who doesn’t?). But I felt, again, the same loneliness to my old friends.

It is a strange feeling, exactly the same like when I came back to Indonesia from USA two years ago. I meant, when I still sit on the airplane, I have this strong excitement to see my friends and family, and to hang out with them. I already created those images of me going to have a blast with friends in Makassar. But unfortunately when I’m here, it didn’t happen. The weather is simply not supporting at all, it always been a hard-rainy-day most of the time. But when it comes to the sunny day, my friends were busied by their college’s stuff of other businesses. I did meet with some of them, had a fun moment during karaoke and also made a little Spaghetti’s Day. But that happy moment is just at a glance.

I realize now that the world is changing every second, and when you move out, people who stay on your original place will have their movement too. The image that lives inside your head about them is unchangeable, but they are just like you: Another human being, and as it has fated by the Supreme Being, everything is shade off.
I understand about this matter since long time ago, but when it is facing right in front of me, I always got hit by sense of longing. The best way to avoid it is be positive, ignore the bad sensations, and think about future. Yeah, I know that friendship couldn’t last forever just like human’s soul. It is sad, but I prefer to keep the good memories with them rather than blaming or cried over spilt milk of them.

Anyway, I’ll hookup with many people else in the future, right? Stop being Platonic!



it's almost 2 am here, and i saw ur latest blog update in my dashboard, and i clicked and..
this is hillariious ^^ kayaknya kalo nda saya tahan ketawa ku bisaka bangunkan seluruh penghuni desa BTP.hahaha.

jdi k randy sbg hero disni ya..ehehe

Ahlul is Louie!!! said...

hey, i believe u'r writing on wrong place :D