Thursday, February 4, 2010

Schedule for 2nd Semester is Release!!!

Woah, i'm so excited! This semester is gonna be different! Some people said that it would be harder than before, but I personally, warm-heartedly welcome the new classes, new lecturers, and new books!

Let us take a look on my schedule below:

Hukum Administrasi Negara Class C - Zaenal Abidin Muchtar (He is an alumnus of SMANSA Makassar, and also active volunteer on PUKAT UGM)

Hukum Lingkungan Class C - Totok Dwi Diantoro (One of the best in Environmental Law)

Hukum Perdata Class E - Unknown yet

Hukum Internasional Class A - Endang Purwaningsih or Agustinus Supriyanto

Hukum Pidana Class D - Unknown yet

Filsafat Hukum Class E - Agus Sudaryanto

Hukum Tata Negara Class E - Unknown yet

Curious? So do I :)
Anyway I'm so glad because on the next three weeks I'll be off to Hong Kong! Oral pleadings training on Jakarta with Karen Mills, an International Lawyer is waiting next week. So, this monday i'll be prepare myself to go to her place on Jakarta.
Cross your heart for me!!!

Having a great Spagetthi's Day with my old friends back in Makassar



good luck kak buat MOOT COURT! :D

Ahlul is Louie!!! said...

thank u Sammy! And good luck for your test also! :)