Monday, March 8, 2010

eccentric lyrics

i wrote some eccentric lyrics. I've uploaded some of them on facebook's note. you can see how cheesy are they :D



Friday, November 13, 2009 at 3:01pm

glowing cloth
trimmed with Bobby Brown's close up pic
red hair, gigantic glasses
big skulls, cappa headed
bizzare skinny long pants,
and u wear those blinks

im done seeing u
victim of flashy thinkers
i meant, u don't even seem like u have a brain
u hates those brainiacs,
u talks bad things about the jocks,
u also dislikes the popular kids
u adores urself
tries to look innocent like the virgin

don't waste up ur time
they gonna put u on the cemetery soon

**hell yeah, u're a hardcore crackpot
let's kill the tawdry brats, flighty animals
ripped the unmutual looks and mashed the hideous shirt
if i see u again, on the awaiting line
imma stoppled my socks into your burps
torn u apart, yes i'se gonna do that
make u giddy with what u had laughed at
devil-may-care, harum-scarum lads!

Saturday, November 28, 2009 at 2:57pm

Syaiila Danah.
Burung elang di atas ladang jagung.
'Syai' berarti elang, 'Danah' adalah ladang jagung, dan 'ila' bermakna di atas.

Itu yang kau ceritakan kepadaku ketika kt ber-3 bermain sembunyi-sembunyian. Saat itu kau masih kecil, begitu pula aku dan Matty yang baru masuk TK. Kau yang lebih tua dua tahun di atas kami mengajak ke ladang jagung di belakang kincir angin penggiling gandum milik Uncle Pat.
Kau bilang akan membawa kami ke sebuah situs suci.
Situs yang alami seperti bumi itu sendiri.


Aku tanya padamu, dari bahasa apa nama itu berasal, tapi kau hanya memberiku isyarat untuk diam.
Di tempat kami berdiri, di tengah ladang jagung itu, seekor elang terbang berputar-putar seakan muncul dr matahari. Bola matanya berpijar, aku teringat akan cahaya bintang orion saat diajak ayah hiking di McKinley musim panas lalu.

Kau jawab dgn desisan lirih, "bahasa itu telah punah. Bahasa itu begitu purba, bhkn sblm bahasa yg kt kenal skrg ini muncul. Tanah ini adalah tanah suci yg dulu dijadikan awal pijakan para dewa utk menciptakan bumi."

aku tertegun mendengarnya. Angin bertiup menggoyangkan batang-batang jagung yg tua. Elang itu masih terbang memutari kami.

Aku berada di Syaiila Danah.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009 at 9:52pm

Another inspired lyrics from my friend’s story! It’s all about cuties around, the ones that you can’t resist. I wrote this while watching ‘Bad Romance’ video by Lady Gaga which give me some hand, a little bit :D, anyway, I can't find any fittin' image, so I chose to put her pic in this note!


Oo... Youngster, can I help myself?
When I saw those miraculous creatures
Walked around the house, with flashy outfits
Baby let me sneak inside your heart
What do you think when you caught me peepin’?
Is it fun, babe, is it fun?

God, why there are so many cuties?
In the blue, red, white, black and yellow
Can’t help myself to have some bad thoughts
I see them all in different forms and shapes
They stay on every inches of my place
So, tell me, babe, is it fun?

God, why there are so many cuties?
So marvelous, exquisite, and fresh
Please, hold my soul from those cuties
Tied me up from grabbing and touching
On the street, in the car, and at the classroom
Now, tell me, babe, is it fun? Is it?

I won’t tell you the truth
That you have filled my paper with stain
I’ll never get tired of you
Bite, bind, and blend me
Combine it together with your fashion
Put me on your pillow and under your blanket
I realize that you were satisfied to make me anxious
But I pretend myself like I don’t care
You dried my soul, unavoidable

Saturday, November 21, 2009 at 1:00pm
PS: my new lyrics! Inspired by my friend's tale, I spiced it up a little :D

I paid u a lot
I made u smile
I praised u so much
I put u on the top

yeah, that's u, u're the one
who had drove my head with insanity
and dried money in my wallet easily
yeah, that's u, the only one
that made me so worried every night
and checked my cell every time

the one that I caught messed around behind my back
when I was on my rehab yesterday night
u kissed my bestfriend
at the dark alley near library
I saw u thru my window, up from the 4th floor
Imma hunt u down

yeah, I burned u, burned, burned
the one who had played with my heart
yeah, I stabbed him,
stabbed, stabbed
a bestfriend that licked my ass
I burned u with nitroglycerin
stolen from laboratory's storage
when the guards were fallin' asleep and swiny snored

I had a promise to u
but that was before what u do
rings, cheques, and glamorous dresses I bought u
were paid equally by that nitros
I loose u, physically, heck yeah
but your explotion with him had paid me enough

at the end of the day,
I knew they both are dead
but what can I say?
those couples had fire me up
I just poured the nitros,
yes, that's what I had
u bitch, go to hell, dead.

I Saw You Yesterday

Friday, March 5, 2009

Hey, I saw you yesterday
I wasn’t sure what did you do, but you were there
Yeah, I glanced at you, and you spread your vision
Toward me, toward me, indirectly
I wanted to jump with a joyful leap

Did you come to see me?
Or you just come to be witness on tribune?
I was dying, dying of you, of your presence
But I liked it, I loved every moment you spent
On that wood-bench, you seated steadily
We shared slyly face, tried to get busy with objects nearby
Or unimportantly talked with people beside us
Yes, you got me lose, i saw you nervous
Please, i begged you on that moment

When you leaved the place, I nearly cried
My heart seemed like it’ve been shutted by your absence
I closed my eyes, rejected the truth that you were gone
But when my sadness overwhelmed my mind,
You sent me a nice utterance
Shall I hunt u down, or u wants to peek at me again?

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