Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthday's Mug

Every year, when I open the upper closure of my mug, I always find various blessings in it

Last year, I opened it and I saw Hopes and Happiness with Family and Friends
Two years ago, I found Self-Identification and Pride to my Ancestors lied on the bottom of my mug
This year, I see Independency and Trust shines and glows from it

I wonder, why You poured me Independency and Trust, Dear Lord?
The Angel of Inspiration come into my tic nerve and calmly whisper;
Independency is a blessing from your God, to grow you older and wiser
To erode childish desire and addiction to others
Rise up your flag, walk on your own road
Although the way is not easy, bumpy, or spirits will distract you
You grab this Independency in your hand, then sure you shall make it through

Trust as the Greatest Gift from your Lord,
To help you face the real world that bustling with unfaithful hearts
Deliver only set of truthfulness, promise only things that you can fulfill
Then you shall overcome, like what Mr. Khan did
Paint your dream, start it from the early dawn like Davinci
Be brave and keep your high minded like Kartini
Transform your life like the way Mother Earth shares Her affection and care
Always give the best, although get hurts
Always be a an utilitarian person everywhere and whenever
Those are your birthday blessing for 2010

Feliz Cumpleanos, my Louie

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