Friday, October 1, 2010

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The world has lost their biggest anthropologist and criminologist expert when both of us chosen our current path. But then, the world will never witness the birth of a worldwide jurist and the first women secretary of defense if we weren’t stay on our spot now.

-an old fella, a risk-taker adventurer, and a person who usually has the common platform with me; Dian Aditya Ning Lestari-

Orang yang bisa berbahasa dgn anak kecil adalah org yg paling pintar di dunia
-Louie Buana-

Pejabat publik tapi potensinya menyebarkan kebencian kepada publik besar sekali.
-Svetlana Anggita-

Some people believe that benevolent dictatorship is better than a weak democracy.

The road to peace in the Middle East had "few peaks and many valleys"
-B. Obama-

We drink life more than what we get.

Aries help others achieve their dream
-Sexstrology via Alvine Steve-

"Don’t laugh behind my back. please laugh in front of me, out loud. I will laugh with you if i found it funny too..."
-Muhammad Ahlul Amri Buana-

"Salam ngefans membabi-buta!!!"
-Anonymous Histerical Freshmen girl-

My soul is naked! It wears the transparent garment of love

Keep your friends tight and close to your heart. Because you'll never know when they'll gone
-again, Me-

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