Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011 is going to be AMAZING & SO MARVELOUS!

*one of the most beautiful memory on 2010!*

As I've promised on my twitter yesterday, this is the list of my New Year's resolutions ;)

1. Upgrade my GPA (above 3.5)

2. Do the best for the second delegation of Willem C. Vis East at HK. At least win an award

3. Thailand-Cambodia Trip at the middle of the year with (most prominently) Diku and Zein :)

4. Passing 550 (for TOEFL test)

5. Keep writing and being published, either by Mahkamah, IFL, or others. I'll try to be published by international media or national newspaper/magazine in Indonesia.

6. Get a local scholarship. So then I wouldn't burdened my parents for money again and again.

7. Get my ass ready for Erasmus Lotus! Ghent, here I cooomeee!

8. As the substitute of number (7), I'd like to try some exchange program to Japan.

9. Enroll on ToT (YES Alumni Program) at Wash DC or their Summer Internship.

10. Make a new team for Arbitration Moot on Gakushuin University.

11. Publishing BULEBARU YOGYAKARTA (Buletin Bina Antarbudaya Yogyakarta)!!! Love being PR :)

12. I could manage it to study Hukum Dagang or Hukum Perdata

13. Hangout with my friends all the time! Woo Hoo

14. The making of IMA UGM (International Moot Association)

15. At least could watch a Broadway Show on Esplanade Theater, Spore

16. Visit Bromo or Dieng or Cheng Ho's Temple at Semarang

17. Get a bike! The coolest one :D

18. Have my new cellphone!!! Hopefully the one with OS Android!

19. Could help disabled people or orphans.

20. Making some kind of international project. I don't know, maybe conquering the world? (LOL, this one is random).

21. I wish, the world is at peace. No more such a huge natural disaster. People are being open-minded whenever and wherever.

22. I wish I don't have to deal with bad memories, not so beautiful pasts, again and again. Instead, I wish to take a good lesson from them, moving on, and creating better future.

23. I wish my family will be safe and sound. Friends are succesful, and we could maintain this good friendship forever.

24. Memorizing Asma'ul Husna (The Names of Allah). I need some spiritual awakening for next year.

25. Hmmm... iPad would be a great companion for me. Tee hee :P

How about you, my dear friends? Ready for 2011? ;)

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