Saturday, March 5, 2011

Up and Down, Scaling Decision

Memory from the past is a lighthouse. It shines, and will lead you to the straight direction amidst the darkness. You learn from it's light, you learn from it's guidance. That is why Ben Franklin happened to say that "Experience is a dear teacher" not so long ago. It's a classic proverb that somehow remains a place in this modern world.

I'm so happy, on the next two days I'll be flying back to United States of America. Surprise? Yes, In fact I could still not believe how lucky I am. The national committee choose me to be one of the YES Alumni Training for Trainers participant with three others. This event will be so special because not just related to YES Alumni, it'll also linked to the Education and Culture Awareness movement between the world and the US (sponsored bye The State Department). The preparation was uneasy, I remember clearly how hard it was to get myself ready with the visa interview + detailed requirements in order to be conformed by the program.

In the other hand, I'm bound by another duty to be the "de facto manager" of UGM's Willem C. Vis East team. The competition will be held in HK on the beginning of April. I'm so glad to establish a partnership with friends like my teammates because they could understand about my situation. They allow me to go for the alumni workshop, open heartly. But I won't take it as a granted, I will not forget and leave my duty to serve the team with fully support.

I'll skip three weeks of my classes. Yeah, sounds pretty whacky, right? That's the consequence thou. I decide to go on with my live and do stuff that I believe it'll bring me benefit in the future. If I have the ability to spare myself into two different individu, I would do (I wish I could). Ben said (on the beginning) "Experience is a dear teacher". I trusts Ben, therefore I shall not hesitate to step on the opportunity that've been waiting in front of my face. It is clear that I might lose some important lectures or do not fulfill the attendance prerequisite. However, I have raison d'etre to continue walk on this path, as I've dreamed about it before. Bismillah, I've considered it as my choice.

Scaling any probable decision in your life, put your priority on the top. The rest of it, leave it to God.

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