Saturday, April 23, 2011

66 Years; The Unfinished Project for Equal Education & Nationwide Welfare

Take a look at these two pictures:

Nice kids, right? Typical of youth nowadays; different, stylish, energetic, creative, taking the lead, expressive, dare to face the risk, smart in their own way, competitive, and so much more! They are likely to be the next future leaders of this country.

They are the jewels of their parents' heart. These two pictures are samples of how life goes on teenagers that live in big city such Jabodetabek. They get the whole facilities to develop their skills and could easily use the access to widen their perspective about world as provided by their school or thru government project.

But, have you ever seen these pictures as well?

Youth on the last two pictures is actually the real face of Government's failure to equalize education and welfare program throughout this country. They are the citizen of Indonesia, just like those two groups of teenager on the first two pictures. They do not get the same opportunity to be educated, enjoying health insurance, or qualilty of life like what we regularly get. No, they are not live in big city, they are the daughters of Suku Dani amidst the jungle of Papua & the children of Suku Anak Dalam who live deep inside the wilderness of Sumatera.

Watching movies, reading books, riding car, hanging out with friends at mall, or internship abroad are not in their daily activities list. They never even dream (or know) about those things. Sixty six years has passed since the day of Independence. Inside the preambule of The Proclamation, our Founding Fathers has promised education as government top project in order to fill the Independence. Our Founding Fathers has this beautiful aim that someday, every Indonesian from Sabang until Merauke, would be civilized & feel the quality of life fairly.

But obviously, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika is just a national motto which attached under our proud Garuda nowadays.
Those ignorance legislators has proved their incapability of being the representatives of people. The president can't stop whining if his political opponent try to strive against him. Instead of trying to reach students in cloistered places with suitable methods, the education minister increased the standard grade to pass that freaking Ujian Nasional. Our government sucks so bad, until none of them even pay attention to the East Timor refugees on our border & native people of this country who live in distant from civilization. They are foreigners in their own house.

Do you aware of their situation?
Do you even care about them?

Let's think about it and do something!

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