Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017: The Hope is Still There

I have to admit that 2016 was not an easy year. It was very busy, hasty, required a lot of decision-making process which involved some heartbreaking situation. I struggled to finish my Master program until the half of the year. Starting from July to December, I pretty much lived like a hobo who moved from one settlement to another while thinking about what should I do next: applying for the orientation year for the international student to find a job in the Netherlands or go back to Indonesia? Several misunderstandings also occurred between me and my friends, all of them are settled by the end of the year, but still a broken mirror left cracks on its surface.

Amidst all these craziness, I however, still managed to escape. I traveled to 11 countries this year (Spain, Italy, Romania, Germany, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Portugal). I visited places that I've been craving to see since I was a little child with the best traveling mates I could ask. Of course there were problems here and there, but I enjoyed the memories very well.

Some achievements from last year? Well, I won a photography competition, thanks to my trip to Seville. I won a music group acoustic competition in Rotterdam. My abstract for paper related to legal history got accepted for an international conference in Leiden and I received very wonderful appreciations from scholars who attended the seminar and watched my presentation.

I am grateful for 2016 regardless of its shitty-ness. Amidst war in Syria, Brexit, Trump became the elected president of USA, the future is still there to give us space for better living. Even in a hopeless and broken-hearted situation like this, I am still surrounded by them who truly love and supportive to me. After all, I could not make it by my own. Let's be positive. Although I personally have no fixed idea about what will happen to me and the world, my magic mantra for 2017 is: let it flow. Whatever will be, will be.

15:28, 1 January 2017
With much love from the cold Berkel

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