Thursday, February 5, 2009

Old Writings: OHH... My Dear Cameraaa...

Apr. 27, 2008

Today, I was in a really bad-mood.

We still have a last performent of High School Musical at Athens High School, but sadness and hatred covered my eyes...

Yesterday was a really wonderful night.
Everyone celebrated Sami's birthday, right after our second days of performent.
I was one of them, jumped, and yelled. I took a lot of pics of that event w/ my camera.
Everyone goin wild.
When I asked some of my friend to take my pic,
She dropped my dear camera ( I knew it without purpose though ).
Of course my camera is broken.I can't turn it on, although i checked every single part of it.
I can't turn it on, although i put the newest and finest battery on the earth.

I feel really sad. My camera is dead! Tragically, with it's lens coming out and stuck.

I want to blame her (my friend who dropped it), but i can't.
Of course i can't blame my own friend.
I just being patient and keep silent.

But what make me really angry is she didn;t even said sorry or something to me...

Then, today, i went to maddie;s house.
I hope i could still move pics from the memory card into my laptop.
Maddie's opened it with her computer.

But, oh, Sweet Lord, it didn;t work!!!
Suddenly i feel like falling into a deep dark pit.
Gosh, i've so many pics on that camera!
I've so many memories w/ my friends during this shows.
I only have another 24 days to be w/ them, and now i lose it.
The time of happiness that i tried to capture on the picture,
the moment of "we're all in this together" that frozen inside my memory card,
now dissapear, gone with the wind.

Oh, My dear camera...
even though i could buy a new one
but still, u've been with me for months...
U take my friend's picture,
Every single event that happening to me
and now, u're gone,
with the newest memory from High School Musical Play

Rest In Peace, My dear...

I will always remember you

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