Sunday, June 14, 2009

Don't teach me about Jazz, Mr. Artist. I know it even better than you wish!

(Artha and his band. I forget what the name is... something started with 'Nippon Boy'...)

Sunday, 10.41 PM

So, I just got back home from a Jazz Event at Mall Ratu Indah, Makassar. Nirwan took me out from house around 7-ish PM then we ended up on one of the cafĂ© which became the sponsor of the event. We met with Artha and three other band members. They gonna sing three songs, all of it under the style of Jazz, technically. We watched a really good performance by a group of adult jazz singer. Quite interesting, since I realized how this kind of music wasn’t attracted public attention as rock or pop music did. But I can tell by the audiences’ gestures that they enjoyed the calmness of its tone and also the rhythm.

We also found a very interesting Jazz instrumentalist from Japan named Mr. Kawahara. I don’t have any idea why would that old man with magical yet slippery hand want to end up on this country just to play jazz at the jamming session. Hahaha but the things turned out pretty cool. He brought two songs which both of its coincidently were my favorite!!! ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’ from Disney and ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ enchanted people in surrounding area. So did I! My mouth felt so itchy, a proverb to describe unbearable feeling to join the band and sing the melody out loud! LOL.

After watched couples other performances, we decided to go back home. But before that Nirwan and I got the chance to say hello to Kak Mike, a drum teacher at Purwacaraka Music Studio. Nirwan and I were the students of that musical school awhile ago and he is Nirwan’s private teacher. We talked for a lil bit then we went down. So the plan was Artha gonna drive me back home with his two friends, but on the middle of our way we were stopped by an odd man whom ridiculously handed some pieces of his own drawing about Jazz. He said that he’s doing some kinda research about the influence of Jazz on people and he drew the following chemistry that he felt right after watching a Jazz performance.

What so funny and unbelievably non sense was he told us that Jazz do not have an ability to move the listener’s emotion like what rock or various musical genres does. I didn’t hear him carefully enough because it sounded sick. I love Jazz, I learnt how to know that music and I feel the unspoken unique senses when hearing it touched my soul. Should I let someone who awkwardly new on the Jazz audience’ chair talk about crap? He also said (I didn’t quote it like how it was) that Jazz was more to the sense of ‘astro-physic’ rather than other. I don’t know what the heck is that mean!
Man, someone really needs to take a rest. How come a person who never knows about Jazz came before us and threw those out?

But after all, I felt greatly entertained of the event. You know, I just recently recovered from sickness and also still under-a-stress link during the time of UAN’s announcement. The gov’t postponed the announcement two times already, and a couple minutes ago I heard from my friend that tomorrow will be the exact date of the announcement. Good Lord in Heaven… Please I beg Your Mercy. Let me pass the tests and graduate from High School! My favorite college has accepted me. The only thing I need is that certificate which put my name on the ‘PASS’ label. Well, the Jazz melody at least could help to stop my trembling heart from the anxiety that covering me up right now.
Don’t teach me about Jazz, Mr. Artist. I know it even better than you wish!

You bet.

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