Sunday, March 7, 2010

a small talk about THE MIGHTY GOD

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Everything depends on the way how you look upon it

We all know who's God. Despite what those religions teach us regarding what was He (or could even She), the reasons why He created us, and what does He want from humankind (the whole universe, actually), each person already developing their own image or perception about God. Is it a good or bad image, depends on that people's mind, as the reflection of their thought and life experience to determine the act of God.

As I quoted from; "There are over six billion people in this world and each person has his or her own thoughts about God", showing how the image of God itself is actually blurry and unrealistic. People will believe what they want to believe, therefore they convinve themselves that the image of God which they have was the rightest one.

Since the dawn of civilization, human already created those images of Gods. Yes, a God with 's', Gods. We weren't sure this very day, whether the concept of monotheism come first, or polytheism come earlier. What do we scientifically agreed upon was that thousands of year ago, the most ancient form of human kind believes on Supreme Being and spirits that taking control of the cosmos, and even their personal life. Can we also conclude that the culture of animism as our ancestor had here in Indonesia was another local concept to define 'God'?

Whatever it was, people from ages to ages keep believing that something great and omnipotent is exist. Our existence flung from His will. Hence, everyone should obey His rules, respect Him, and sacrifice what do they get to Him.

This image of God were struggling together with the up and down of world history. People kills and loves in the name of God (or Gods), kingdoms raises and falls for the sake of God (or Gods), people invents or destroys stuff by the will of God (or Gods), and politically and traditionally One God replaces by Gods, or the vice versa.

The problem is, if from the beginning humankind had assured themselves about the power of God, why He let those tiny creatures to abstractly and wildly interpretated His will for their own interest? Doesn't it seem like He is so active while creating the whole world but passively doing something to straighten up people's interpretation of His image?
This late years, we witnesses how the people begin to forget God (or Gods) and searching for something else. Atheism, Anthropomorphism, Dystheism, Nontheism, and others.

These centuries were crowded.
God, do you think human has gone too far?

As a Muslim, I believe in One God. But if you ask me; "Do you understand about your own God?", I won't answer it with a "Yes". I can't tell that I have understood Him perfectly well, as it mentioned by my religious teachings. If I understand Him 100%, He is not my God, but rather the image of Him that I made and live inside my head.

Macrh 8th, 2010
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