Sunday, March 28, 2010

you have no idea how the magic could happens

Hey young intellectuals!
SO sorry, I won’t take this opportunity to give you some short review regarding my experience in HK (on final hours) or about the competition.

I was so exhausted, came back to my humid and dry country, attacked by dramatic situation from surrounding condition, and end up with the routine college’s life again. You know, NO REST. Gotta work hard, I feel left out of materials from each classes (in which i was absent) plus I got this pressure from my LSO to join an internal mcc of FH UGM. Well, I’m not trying to say that they were pushed me to do so, but in fact it was because of me who already felt guilty and burdened by the LSO since I never joined their event (due to Willem C. Vis East’s practices back to the old days). I just want to show them my good intention as a member. And here is the consequency, doubled by duty from AFS’ selection this year (Ch. Jogja chosed me as the Coordinator of 1st selection) and also my ambition to enroll on AIESEC program.

Not just those stuff, as a bonus, i have to finish Hukum Tata Negara midterm's project. I have no idea what should I do other than face all of it as fast as I can and perform the best of me. I must pull my string once more, no days with regrets and despairs. Therefore, move forward and race with the time to see who is the Boss!

At least Victoria (my new itouch) could calm me down on any stressing moment :)

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