Friday, March 21, 2008

Solo in Pops Concert-High School Musical

Oh God, its like millions of year since i never pay any attention to my blog again!
but this time, i feel in a very good mood and i'll try to cover up everything that happened to me this past 3 months (Jan, Feb, March).

But this time, i'll tell my stroy backward :)
I'm so exciting! Today (March 20, 08) is the first day of Spring Break and i really can't wait for this week! Tomorrow noon, me, Sherika, and my hostmom will leave Athens to go to Florida!!! My new hostmom, Sue Crapes already make a plan about this with me like a month ago, and i really can't be patient anymore. I was like counted every single day that i just passed at school. We'll stay there for a week. And i really hope that i could meet with another exchange studs like Rijal, Nurria, or my friends (whom i knew will go to Disneyworld too).

Okay so, this week is wonderful (except for that holy crap English Honors paper...). First, because of my excitement about Disneyworld (yeeeah! :)), second because sophomore have OGT test so for us whose not require to take the test have 2 hours delay all week long, and the third of all is I feel wonderful at High School Musical Play!!!

It's begin, a month ago. On February 25th, my school held an audition for High School Musical Play by The Drama Club. It was copycat version from the Disney's movie one. I felt interest on it and then persuade Sherika to join it. Then we have audition for chorus. A few weeks later, I saw my name at Ms. Kemmerle's classroom. That's mean i'm passing the audition and be one of the group. I got a Thespian part as James. Sherika also got a part as a brainiac. We had rehearsal almost everyday after school, four times a week, from 2. 45 til 4.45. We learned the song, and sing it with Mrs. Smith. She is an old lady from OU choral union. She's nice but kinda weird. And we also hafta dance on Hannah Miller (my classmate at sympho) choreography, which i think really make us feel stupid but still, fun.

On March 15, 08 for the first time of this year, we senior have our solo!!! Yeaaah! I'm so excited about it. I learned song 'Fly me to the Moon' for week by week with Brytton McGuire as my guitarist partner (Thanks so much, Bree! You are amazingly wonderful! :P). My friends in sympho like to enjoy my voice during rehearsal and all of them always said; "Wo! Louie! That was very-very good!", "You just kick that song's ass! Good Job, Babe!" or "When you sing it, Louie, that song still stuck in my head right now!". I hope it not just compliments from them though, hahahaha.
My concert is quite success from my point of view. Everyone like my solo, the audiences enjoyed our performents, and Ms. Hudson looked unbelievably proud of us. Oh... Gosh, it just like a dream! Sue and Sherika also came to see me and they were very proud of me :).

Hmmm... what else i need to tell you guys...
Oh yeah, i went to Colombus several times last month. First, to accompanied Sue. She had a conference for headache medical health (she is a doctor) in OSU (Ohio State University). She took me with her, then dropped me at Grandma-Grandpa's house. Grandma and Grandpa actually not Sue's mom and dad, but they are Aaron's grandparent. They are Mac's parent, Sue's first husband and Aaron's biological father. Sue still make a really good relationship with her ex-mother and father in-law. It just wonderful if you think about it. Grandma and grandpa were so nice to me. I told them about Indonesia and they listened attractively. They also took me to had a lunch in Buffet, together with John Zachary and his mother. John Zachary is Aaron's cousin (so he suppose to be sorta my host-cousin, LOOL!!! :D). He works at Colombus Museum of Science. When Sue finished her conference, she took me and grandma go around Colombus. We visited German Village, bought some books from Book Loaf, and then brought some German Bread for Aaron.

My second time to Colombus last month (Feb 20) was for PAX exchange students trip to Ohio State house (Capitol). We passed through a huge snow storm and met with another exchange student from Colombus (Lisa, Sandro, Mauricio, Jasper, and a girl from Ukraine). We also met with governor Ted Strickland (Hilary Clinton big fan!). Honestly i knew him couples day ago from my news notes at US History class. I dunno that he such a famous man! Then we spent time by hanging around in Northmarket.

My third time to Colombus this February is at Feb 24, for 'Garden Exhibition'. Sue, Claudia (her bestfriend), and me. Last two days I was suffered by my teeth (i got an infection!!!), but after Sue bought me several pain medicine i felt better. We went there to watch the green house exhibition, with a bunch of interesting stuff for gardening (but not for me). I was pretty bored there except for photo section with The Simpsons and few unique things. Grandma met us there. My spirit return when Sue drove us to Indonesian Restaurant at Bethel Road; Taste Of Bali. Oh My Lord, it just wonderful!!! (i belief this word gonna be my favorite quote, LOL!) I could ate rendang, sate, ikan bakar, ayam bakar, rica-rica, balado, and others again! Everyone now happy!!!

Well, i think this one enough for Feb-March. I'll tell you later about my story, but after my fun (Insyaallah) trip to Disneyworld and Gulf of Mexico!!!

Viva La Primevera!!! :)