Sunday, May 17, 2009

Well... This is what I really WANT?

two months off!!!

Jogja's vacation time!!!
Krazy karaoke nite!!!
24 hours OL!!!
Watching TV til die!!!
Book hunting!!!
Writing my new novel and story!!!
Study for TOEFL!!!

What else?

Dang,, Im such a really ungrateful bastard. When was at school I always count every single day I had til the weekend or any holiday. But now, in the beginning of my 2 months off I already bored. I've done some amazing thing and ran crazy like a burned tail rait, but still I can't do anything. Trapped at home. With no money. Fiuuuh...

Think positively!!! I should thank God who has given me a very good occasion for me to improve my knowledge again! I got more free time to read some old and new books and also to watch some inspirational yet enlightenmen vids. Yes, I should take the benefit of this free-time. Isn't so simple and easy?

Hmmm... Let's start the beautiful moment in the house with Louie, a bunch of books and wonderful movies!!!