Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Almost a month in Indonesia, what do you think?

Ok, now almost a month in Indonesia.
I felt already use to it.
Eventhough sometimes i still feel awkward with Indonesian habbits (like jam karet, toilet basah, bau-bauan aneh, macet, orang yang nggak sabaran, ceplas-ceplos, money politics at school, sok pura-pura, dll. dst.) i hope my sense of 'rightfulness' doesnt dissapear following my time here.

I really hope that someday I'll go abroad again. I wanna go to Spain! Study about Andalusian culture there.
But the bigest problem now is how to pass UAN. All negative stories that I heard from my friends made me feel not comfortable at school. I thought my self being forced by the education system. Thats take me under the pressure.

I dont like my school here. Now i'm back busy with some school stuffs and I have a story-telling competition tomorrow. And this shock that suddenly appear drown me into an define situation of sickness and laziness. yesterday I was sick, got a fever for sure.

And the bigest concern that hit me right now is about my social intercourse at school. All of my peer-friends just graduated this year, so now i hafta sit with my juniors at school. Some of them still respected me, but some of them just acted like a bunch of jerks. Well, actually i hafta become more open-minded and try to understand those people who didnt get an experience like me. But, as a human being of course sometime i felt really dissapointed. Thats make me to rethink; Do I make a good decision by going abroad for this program?

I just dont want to have any kind of negative assumption. Thats it!
I hafta face it, and I believes God know the Best, cause He already know what the Best for me.

If I wasn't go abroad, I wouldn't now so many wonderful people and magical experience.

I'm happy although mosquitos bite me!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm HOME (excited, tired, tensions, get burned, and mosquitos bite me!)

I'm home now!
In my room at Jl. Damar no. 22 Makassar.
My life came to me faster.
My USA year suddenly felt just like a dream in the mid-day!
I had a very good time with my friends during DC orientation. Met with exchange students from different countries, had a interesting trip to Indonesian Embassy, amazing talent show, and also WILD DANCE NIGHT. My head was hurt, a little bit and I kinda want to throw up :D.
Then I hafta sit on the airplane (Lufthansa) from DC to Frankfrut for 7 hours. Plus we waited for transit (another 6 hours!).
Then we flight again by Malaysian Airlines, from Frankfrut to Kuala Lumpur (12 hours), and had a little shopping in Malaysia when we still waiting (2 hours).

When we arrived on Soekarno-Hatta, the Bina Antarbudaya Indonesia came to take us. We had another orientation for 3 days in Jakarta. After a long-tired discussion and disable mind to received the lecturer, i got a ticket back to Makassar at 5.00 PM. My cousin that live in Jakarta then pick me up.

Now, i'm here. I called some of my friends to let them now that I'm here. But I told them not to tell anyone else coz I want to make a little bit surprise. My family was so surprise to see me. They talk a lot about my hair. And ask about my experience, they said my skin looked darker. And i said that's normal; it it summer in United States, and I just came back from my North Carolina trip.

Maybe i still need some times to adjust back again. I tried to be polite but my mom and my sister keep attacking me w/ hard words and things like 'You are in indonesia now, not in USA anymore', because I just responded their bad habbit. But i hope my family will understand, coz i need their support too. But my dad told me that I'm becoming more polite and like to say thank you (but kind of ignorance too, especially when we were talk about topics that I dont like).

I wish everything is gonna be alright...
I miss USA. But I hafta force myself to 'GET REAL'.