Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Almost a month in Indonesia, what do you think?

Ok, now almost a month in Indonesia.
I felt already use to it.
Eventhough sometimes i still feel awkward with Indonesian habbits (like jam karet, toilet basah, bau-bauan aneh, macet, orang yang nggak sabaran, ceplas-ceplos, money politics at school, sok pura-pura, dll. dst.) i hope my sense of 'rightfulness' doesnt dissapear following my time here.

I really hope that someday I'll go abroad again. I wanna go to Spain! Study about Andalusian culture there.
But the bigest problem now is how to pass UAN. All negative stories that I heard from my friends made me feel not comfortable at school. I thought my self being forced by the education system. Thats take me under the pressure.

I dont like my school here. Now i'm back busy with some school stuffs and I have a story-telling competition tomorrow. And this shock that suddenly appear drown me into an define situation of sickness and laziness. yesterday I was sick, got a fever for sure.

And the bigest concern that hit me right now is about my social intercourse at school. All of my peer-friends just graduated this year, so now i hafta sit with my juniors at school. Some of them still respected me, but some of them just acted like a bunch of jerks. Well, actually i hafta become more open-minded and try to understand those people who didnt get an experience like me. But, as a human being of course sometime i felt really dissapointed. Thats make me to rethink; Do I make a good decision by going abroad for this program?

I just dont want to have any kind of negative assumption. Thats it!
I hafta face it, and I believes God know the Best, cause He already know what the Best for me.

If I wasn't go abroad, I wouldn't now so many wonderful people and magical experience.

I'm happy although mosquitos bite me!!!

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