Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011 is going to be AMAZING & SO MARVELOUS!

*one of the most beautiful memory on 2010!*

As I've promised on my twitter yesterday, this is the list of my New Year's resolutions ;)

1. Upgrade my GPA (above 3.5)

2. Do the best for the second delegation of Willem C. Vis East at HK. At least win an award

3. Thailand-Cambodia Trip at the middle of the year with (most prominently) Diku and Zein :)

4. Passing 550 (for TOEFL test)

5. Keep writing and being published, either by Mahkamah, IFL, or others. I'll try to be published by international media or national newspaper/magazine in Indonesia.

6. Get a local scholarship. So then I wouldn't burdened my parents for money again and again.

7. Get my ass ready for Erasmus Lotus! Ghent, here I cooomeee!

8. As the substitute of number (7), I'd like to try some exchange program to Japan.

9. Enroll on ToT (YES Alumni Program) at Wash DC or their Summer Internship.

10. Make a new team for Arbitration Moot on Gakushuin University.

11. Publishing BULEBARU YOGYAKARTA (Buletin Bina Antarbudaya Yogyakarta)!!! Love being PR :)

12. I could manage it to study Hukum Dagang or Hukum Perdata

13. Hangout with my friends all the time! Woo Hoo

14. The making of IMA UGM (International Moot Association)

15. At least could watch a Broadway Show on Esplanade Theater, Spore

16. Visit Bromo or Dieng or Cheng Ho's Temple at Semarang

17. Get a bike! The coolest one :D

18. Have my new cellphone!!! Hopefully the one with OS Android!

19. Could help disabled people or orphans.

20. Making some kind of international project. I don't know, maybe conquering the world? (LOL, this one is random).

21. I wish, the world is at peace. No more such a huge natural disaster. People are being open-minded whenever and wherever.

22. I wish I don't have to deal with bad memories, not so beautiful pasts, again and again. Instead, I wish to take a good lesson from them, moving on, and creating better future.

23. I wish my family will be safe and sound. Friends are succesful, and we could maintain this good friendship forever.

24. Memorizing Asma'ul Husna (The Names of Allah). I need some spiritual awakening for next year.

25. Hmmm... iPad would be a great companion for me. Tee hee :P

How about you, my dear friends? Ready for 2011? ;)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wrap Up of 2010

PS: the pictures aren't following the rightful timeline

I spent my January 1st on 2010 with four people on a very marvelous and calm place called Puntuk Sethumbung. We saw the first light of a predicted-to-be-bright new year in front of Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, and Borobudur Temple. After that, we went down and visited the biggest Buddhist temple in the world. I really enjoyed contemplating the journey of Siddharta Gautama which is carved on the temple's wall. Witnessed the clear blue sky, I was so optimistic of better days waiting for me ahead. January was also month of preparation for the first delegation of Willem C. Vis East. The deadline of respondent memorial was here, the final exams for the first semester were also here. I did a very great job on it. Proud of my own GPA.

One of the busiest, most productive, tiring, and full of excitement month of the new year. Finding sponsorship at my hometown for our team haunted me everywhere. I was having a fun time with peeps back on Makassar for semester break when all of sudden I found myself sitting on a train's seat heading to Jakarta. I got sick of sore-throat during the oral pleading training. The weather was inconsistently bad, sometimes it could be very hot, sometimes it could be really chill. All of my classes started at 9 am. I signed up for IFL's committee and selected as their contributor (in this case, as a writer). The best moment of this month are: 1) Spaghetti Day with my friends at Makassar, 2) Sky-Dinning with C. Vis team (minus two people) on the roof of Plaza Semanggi, and 3) All night out with Rijal, Diku, and Randy during Chinese New Year (which is also a Valentine's Day. And Randy's birthday!). Crazy, but I loved it :)

Here we go! It's Hong Kong (and Macau as well) time, baby! Wonderful weekend there. The competition was okay (we're all forgiven, since that was our first time), nice cultural-sightseeing (TKW, fashion in HK, modern v. tradition life), spooky experience with our "neighboring world" at Konjen Indonesia, and some intern intrigues as the intermezzo. The mid semester around this month was kinda horrible, but I could made them up at the end of the year.

My birthday on 16th was so simple but fun. Dahye, Diva, mami Michelle and abah Dandi, Zein, and Ivan. We ate KFC (can't think of better idea) and cakes. Thank you guys, that was so meaningful for me. I watched "My Name is Khan" on the beginning of the month with Farid Alwajdi, cried for the story and inspired by it. My sister, Rani, came from Makassar and spent some amount of time at Jogja with Bude. I got my new shoes and trousers. This month was also wet. I helped on AFS Ch. Jogja second test as an English interviewer, helped on AFS Outleducation with Anies Baswedan, and helped Mahkamah's team as one of the drafter for MCC Internal FH UGM. I started to plan some big future plan and trip around this time.

I moved out from Bulaksumur Residence and warmly welcomed in on my current place: E7 Trengguli. Thanks to Kak Dila, now I could live closer to the campus. Hectic but exquisite moment with Mahkamah and mcc internal practice, failed to apply for YES Summer Internship (because I can't find someone either from Makassar or Jogja to make me a recommendation letter), and started to worry of my attendance on some classes (which I don't really like). Thank God, the grade was released and I'm saved. Criminal Law class is an exception. Crap.

Final exams! As I've told you above, I was doing great except for Criminal Law. I enrolled on summer class to gain up more on this class. But before that I went back to Makassar for awhile. Since I'll stay at Jogja til July, I joined with the Welcome Orientation committee and got accepted as one of the Program handler. June is a month of transit, I just used this easy month to lay on my own bed at Damar 22nd.

Welcome Orientation for the newbies' preparation. Planning trip to Spore with Diku and Zein. Small tension between me and mom. Criminal Law summer class exam. Everything came fast in this month. And the most important thing was: my 2nd Ramadhan at Jogja. I enjoyed the leisure time of this month, and meeting with the committee. Ah, missed it.

Hectic, hectic, superhectic. Dancing in front of three hundred-something newbies. Timekeeping-ing PPSMB. Woke up in the blind morning and walked like zombie to campus. I honestly missed those moments, the days when FH UGM becoming one big family without any frills of LSO, whatsoever. After that, aaah... unforgettable backpacking journey with two of my favorite person: Diku and Zein. Singapore was a blast, loved every inch of it. Then flew back to Makassar, a perfect time to celebrate the end of Ramadhan. August made me smile so wide :)

Amazing stuff available here! My article (about Islamic Law) is being published by HMINews. And I'm so honored to be chosen as the new PR for AFS Ch. Jogja, still can't believe it. IFL sent me to be their delegation on International Youth Conference on Climate Change, but it was cancelled due to the Merapi eruption. Willem C. Vis East looked for new member, and I helped on the progress. Postponed my intention to enroll on Erasmus Lotus exchange program, better save it for next year. Voluntering my time by accompanied two exchange teachers from New Zealand at SD Muhammadiyah Kleco with Mas Jun. The term of "anxiety" in this month referred to the Mount Merapi's activities.

Mid-term, I personally believe that I did good, although none of the grades are released yet. Right after done with the test, the Merapi's situation getting worst. My mom called me back, and within 48 hours from the last exam, I already set my hotpanties back to the Pearl of Eastern Indonesia. We began to get busy for the second delegation of Willem C. Vis East in this month. I really like the new formation of the new team, and hopefully we can last this teamwork until the very end :)

Spending a quality of time together with my family on the first phase of this month. Idul Adha was gratifying, hang out with Diku and Amel, besties, family. By the time
I fled back to Jogja, the C. Vis East entered the claimant memorial business. Days of research, nights after nights of making a good legal writing, and the building of friendship.

The end of November and the first quarter of December maybe aren't the best days I've ever experienced. I witnessed two accidents on the street, struggling with papers and others, also need a break from all of campus activities. Considering that this is the end of the year and I will have another big year coming up, I get pumped with hopes and prayers. Just like the way I began this year with contemplation, I shall write new pages of the new year with positive attitude that'll give me some good results. I knocked the door of 2010 with nice lesson from Buddha's life, spontaneous adventure, and moon eclipse. So, I'm waiting for the new surprises on 2011. New year, new journey, new challenges.

"I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done." -
Sidharta Gautama

Friday, December 10, 2010

Anthropology: More a Hobby Than a 'Science'

*Some of you might have forgotten, but although I'm taking Law as my field of study (and maybe for job in the future) I'm still falling in love with Anthropology. I found this short-entertained article on a website. I thought it'll be good if I could get in a fun way to be around this particular 'science', therefore why not putting it here, on my very own blog? Enjoy :)

Anthropology debate! Brain hearing! Jock myth! Unique fingerprints! Estrogen breast-rogen! Smallest battery! And gay mice marriage! It's your Friday Science Watch, where we watch science—if you can call it that!

"Anthropology." The very word makes me gag and choke with the rising bile of disgust for pseudoscience. Now, even anthropologists are arguing over whether to call what they do a "science." I don't even know what anthropology is. Something with rocks? Fuck that.

Turns out our brains are specially designed to filter out outside noise and allow us to hear ourselves speaking more clearly. Of course, we knew that about you already.

The whole stereotype of "dumb jocks?" It's a myth! Nice try, nerds.
Researchers have come up with a way to calculate the exact mathematical rarity of a fingerprint. So, just how special am I? The article doesn't even say. Wake up, idiots.

Does estrogen therapy prevent breast cancer in women? Some people think so, but what they don't tell you is, if you didn't have any estrogen you wouldn't be getting breasts in the first place! Arrrgh!

The world's smallest battery is only one seven-thousandth the thickness of a human hair. Well that's fine if you wanna power the world's smallest hair dryer, but what does it do for me?

Scientists have mated a boy mouse and a boy mouse and produced a baby mouse. Oh. God. Now they've done it.

by Nolan Hamilton (