Monday, February 23, 2009

I’m Two Days with the Whole Kit and Caboodle

(The Unexpected Experiences of Unsleeping Night crawlers and Shrieking voices On Approximately 2 Days Insomnia)

Feb 23, 2009
Monday 9:01 PM

Quite a title, isn’t it?

The story goes went I decided to watch English Debating Team of Smunel at Pilot, an event hosted by Brit. Literature on Hasanuddin University. Honestly I was kinda expected to join it. I heard Rijal and Sam will be joining the competition; I got interested more when Diku said she’ll be on the spot this time as her farewell to the high schoolers debating world. But for the sake of me bearing LPMP’s name and the lack of communication with Wanda (Fiery’s newest President), it couldn’t be realized. Then I just came there as a supporter and to meet with some of my old fellahs who studied at the faculty. Nice reunion after all, and a lil bit shocking; I got to see Fuad who supposedly be the Pious student in my school smoked cigars, the new long-haired Theo that remind me to the deceased Benyamin S, and Venny Johan came along from Palopo to Makassar as her school delegation. What a coincidence! Suddenly I found myself being surrounded by AFSers 08-09; Rijal, Venny, Randy, Diku, Yogi, and Sam. And not forget to mention my beloved friend ever; Emiral. He wore a very nice bag from Bali. I like it, Emir! I also made new friend with K’ Uja.

After a full day of hanged around GPI, danau Unhas, and the faculty’s hall, on Saturday we planned to do some crazy karaoke. We will meet at Happy Puppy Karaoke near Purwacaraka Music Studio, my old vocal school. I went there with Sam. Venny, Rijal and Randy had been waiting when we arrived. Diku came late, but the fact is just the same. It’s too expensive to rent the place for an hour and only one room left. So, we concluded to go to Rumah Bernyanyi behind Mall Panakkukang. Rijal is the one who recommended it. He said it’s cheaper. We went there and spent a really amazing two hours full of screaming, dancing, bitching, crawling, and jumping like bunches of total moron. But we were having fun!!! We finished the happy hour around 10 then continued to Coto Daeng until 11:25. After that Rijal took Venny and Diku back home while Sam and Randy spent a night in my house. We talked a lot until 2 pm. Gosh, I just can’t sleep until I aware that tomorrow is gonna be a great day; The White Shoes and Couples Company plus The Upstairs on Smada Festival! Although I never really heard about them or their music either Sam convinced me that they would be awesome. And they did.

On the next day, cloud covered the sky above. I thought Sam and Randy was planning to come over to my place then we can go to Smada Festival together. I kept waiting for them until 3 o’clock and got a tension. Artha and Hiromi was being such some of good friends by pick me up, but I rejected it because I still wondering if Sam or Randy will be coming to my house any moments. But then Randy said that he’ll be going to Pilot first to see Diku then both of them will come to my place. I felt like somebody stabbed me because I just denied a free hitchhike offering from Artha and now I have no idea what I have to do. Luckily, Sam come to my house with Aldi and Baso. Then we were riding together to Unhas to hear the final competition and wait for others.

Afterwards, Sam and I went to Smada Festival with an aggravation and full of worried for being late. The committee said that they’ll close the gate on 7 pm. Randy and Diku also struggled with transportations. But the fact is all of us could meet again inside the festival around 8 pm. We were jumping, laughing, singing, and keeping our stuff from crazy audiences. We stayed on the first row, grasped the iron fence hardly to prevent us getting stuck in amidst of madness. It was unbelievable moment. I never thought both of the main bands would be that wonderful! Especially when White Shoes and The Couples Company brought a sorta-jazzy piece. Marvelous!!! I also enjoyed The Upstairs even though I felt they were kinda weird. However, We were died in ecstasy last night!!! Unfortunately during the concerto someone stole Sam’s cell phone. It was bad and I felt so pity to him. I’ve tried to call his cellphone but somebody rejected the call. I could see his face turned down to anxiety. But Sam is a really adorable boy, he’s playing a patient character. On the next five minutes we found him jumped, yelled, and screamed hysterically along with the band.

I close this story by had a ride back home with Randy and Diku. Randy spent another night at my house and we continued to talk about crappy and stupid thingies until 2 pm. When I woke up this morning, I could feel my head is flooding in the air. I just want to sleep and take a deep rest after this two days full of swell moments. And now, I lose my voice again. That’s what young people do! Simply irresistible…

Thursday, February 12, 2009

'They All Laughed' By Ella Fitzgerald

I heard this song for the first time from youtube. I felt something inside my heart moved by hearing the lyrics. This song is simply amazing and inspiring people. Ella did a really good job delivered the message of this song to the listeners. I realize that none of the great people in the world born as someone succesful. They have to struggle with faith and heard people laughing. But the point here is; never give up and keep build your dreams. Someday they'll understand that you are the one who could make anything possible by moving forward.

They All Laughed Lyrics
Artist(Band):Ella Fitzgerald

They all laughed at Christopher Columbus
When he said the world was round
They all laughed when Edison recorded sound
They all laughed at Wilbur and his brother
When they said that man could fly

They told Marconi
Wireless was a phony
It's the same old cry
They laughed at me wanting you
Said I was reaching for the moon
But oh, you came through
Now they'll have to change their tune

They all said we never could be happy
They laughed at us and how!
But ho, ho, ho!
Who's got the last laugh now?

They all laughed at Rockefeller Center
Now they're fighting to get in
They all laughed at Whitney and his cotton gin
They all laughed at Fulton and his steamboat
Hershey and his chocolate bar

Ford and his Lizzie
Kept the laughers busy
That's how people are
They laughed at me wanting you
Said it would be, "Hello, Goodbye."
And oh, you came through
Now they're eating humble pie

They all said we'd never get together
Darling, let's take a bow
For ho, ho, ho!
Who's got the last laugh?
Hee, hee, hee!
Let's at the past laugh
Ha, ha, ha!
Who's got the last laugh now?"

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bingung UAN, UAS, Penerimaan PT... dapat Pencerahan dari Alumnus

February 8, 2009
7:18 AM
In my comfy-room

Stress UAN. Stress UAS. Deg-degan seleksi masuk Perguruan Tinggi Impian. Bingung. Tugas akhir sekolah yang kian menumpuk dan belum rampung. Gelisah. Lelah. Lesu. Tensi naik. Wuiih... itulah gambaran dari kondisi kebatinan kami, siswa-siswa SLTA semester terakhir di seluruh nusantara. Bayangkan, UAN yang semakin tahun semakin menggila itu dinaikkan lagi standarnya dan kini tengah melambai-lambai dihadapan wajah-wajah putra-putri bangsa yang dilanda berbagai macam krisis ini. Kata salah seorang teman saya yang sudah pernah melewati semua ini; di dalam hidupmu itu hanya ada dua tujuan terbesar: lulus UAN dengan nilai tinggi dan diterima di PT harapan. That's it! We are gambling with those UAN's week and sacrificing our three years of school on those days. Satu minggu menjadi penilaian atas tiga tahun yang telah kami lalui!!!
Didera oleh dilema-dilema itu, hari minggu pagi seperti saat ini saya memutuskan untuk online di kamar dgn menggunakan kabel telpon rumah. Aktifitas illegal untuk mencari informasi-informasi penting maupun sekedar untuk membuka facebook. Saat itulah saya melihat di Yahoo Messengers saya nama Alfanshuri Achmad sedang on. Kak Alfan nama akrabnya, menjadi senior selama 2 tahun pertama saya di SMA Neg. 05 Makassar. Orangnya baik, lembut dan perhatian. Tak heran banyak cewek-cewek seangkatan maupun junior yang klepek-klepek oleh kharisma beliau. Beliau juga memiliki bakat kepemimpinan, tenang serta memiliki otak nan cemerlang. Sekarang beliau tengah berduel dengan kehidupan di pulau Jawa seraya menimba ilmu.
Saat itulah terjadi dialog antara kami. Saya dengan segera menumpahkan keresahan batin yang ada. Dengan gaya khasnya yang sayang adik serta keinginan untuk mengayomi yang lebih kecil, beliau memberikan sebuah penjelasan penyejuk jiwa yang amat-santa mencerahkan. berikut cuplikan dialog kami dari YM:

freedom_alfan: Assalamu 'alaikum, akh..
reyals_05: Walaikum salam kakak :)
reyals_05: apa kbr?
freedom_alfan: alhamdulillah, baik, luar biasa,
freedom_alfan: Ahlul gmana kabarnya?
reyals_05: fisik alhamdulillah segar bugar, tp batin stressx luar biasa
reyals_05: hehehehe
reyals_05: maklum menjelang UAN
freedom_alfan: hehehe, kk ngerti kok, udah mantap persiapan UANx kan>
reyals_05: insya Allah!
reyals_05: skr lg sibuk2x ngurus college applications
freedom_alfan: rencana mw masuk dimana? ikut program apa?
reyals_05: kemarin udah daftar UMx UI sm UGM, ambil hukum, HI, dan antrop. ikut jalur biasa kak,,, soalx ndak boleh ka ikut pmjk di smunel :(
freedom_alfan: sip, kitu aja udah mantap kok, klw hati Ahlul condong ke UI atau ke UGM?
reyals_05: pinginx sih UGM kak,, soalx dr dulu bpk sdh cita2kan ada anakx yg bisa kuliah di sana...
reyals_05: tp mama maux di unhas mo saja, ndak usah jauh2 :(
freedom_alfan: hehehe, jadi dilematis gitu ya...
freedom_alfan: kk yakin kmok, Ahlul pasti bisa....
freedom_alfan: kuncinya ada sama pemilik "Mata Airnya"....
reyals_05: insya Allah...
reyals_05: Mata Air?
freedom_alfan: pengen tau maksudnya?
reyals_05: yup!
freedom_alfan: jam 11an nanti cek aja di FS kk....ok!
reyals_05: hahaha
reyals_05: insya Allah
freedom_alfan: btw, UANx kapan Ahlul?
reyals_05: 20 april
reyals_05: eh, ultah ta' tgl brp kak?
freedom_alfan: hmm, ntar lagi yah.. sekitar tanggal itu juga,
freedom_alfan: oiy, pernah baca buku The True Power Of Water
reyals_05: yg brdasarkan uji cobax Masaru Emoto itu?
freedom_alfan: yup, udah baca bukunya?
reyals_05: iya,, tp yg edisi apa kak? soalx klo gak salah sampai ada 3 versi/jenis?
freedom_alfan: yang Aa' Gym bawa pengantarnya?
freedom_alfan: Ahlul punya bukunya yang versi apa?
reyals_05: waktu itu sih yg hasil riset2x pak emoto
reyals_05: ada gambar2 kristal airx banyak
freedom_alfan: iya, bacanya yang mana?
reyals_05: yg tanpa pengantarx aa' gym,,, soalx isix lebih ke iptek drpd berbau ke-islaman
freedom_alfan: hmm, berarti edisi2 awal ya...
freedom_alfan: menurut Ahlul bukunya gmana?
reyals_05: pertama baca sih kaget,,, kok bisa y air merefleksikan balik setiap reaksi yg terjadi di skeitarx?
reyals_05: tp masuk akal sih, soalx nabi muhammad kan menggunakan media air untuk membacakan doa'
freedom_alfan: yup, udah di aplikasiin blum buat ujian nanti?
reyals_05: carax?
freedom_alfan: tubuh manusia kan 70% air, berarti tubuh juga akan merespon setiap perkatan atau input yang diberikan dong.
freedom_alfan: nah, sebenarnya ada hubungannya dengan buku Keajaiban kata2...
freedom_alfan: mulai saat ini, masukkan input yang benar2 Ahlul butuhkan untuk mencapai goals Ahlul
freedom_alfan: caranya, setiap pagio hari ketika bercermin, tatap mata orang yang ada di cermin yang Ahlul liat katakan pada orang itu, "wah, kamu ini mahasiswa UGM yang cerdas, enerjik, terampil, dan disukai banyak orang"
freedom_alfan: atau apapun kata2nya yang jelas memotivasi dan memberikan input positif...
freedom_alfan: dan saran kk, rekam setiap kata2 positif yang menggerakkan Ahlul ke tujuan Ahlul, dan setiap malam sebelum tidur dengar kembali rekaman itu, efeknya akan sangat luar biasa, believe it or not...
reyals_05: waaah... enlighten! benar2 mencerahkan kak,,, subhanallah...
reyals_05: terxta tubuh manusia i2 menyimpan segudang rahasia
freedom_alfan: kk udah buktikan, setiap kk punya goals pribadi, kk akan mulai melakukan hal yang tadi setiap pagi dan malam hari secara disiplin, dan miracle terjadi...Subhanallah
freedom_alfan: oiy, kk pamit dulu, soalnya Ibu kk udah manggil, pengen dianterin jalan2 ke pantai dulu, hehehe, salam sama keluarga dan teman2 ya...
reyals_05: ok kak,, syukran :)

Demikianlah. Ada setitik embun sejuk yang turun dan memberikan ketenangan rohani di dalam jiwa saya yang memang lagi keruh ini. Alhamdulillah... Setidaknya masih ada orang-orang yang mau mendukung, mendoakan, serta mengingatkan saya. Thank you so much Kak Alfan!!! I wish a big of luck also. I will do my best and someday I'll make you proud of me :). May Allah always be with you and me!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


January 23, 2008 - Wednesday

Current mood: argumentative
Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Jan. 22, 2008

Two weeks ago (Jan. 6, 2008) i went to movie with my mom.

That was the last day before come back to school after winter break. We decidec to watch National Treasure 2 on Athena Grand. Both me and my mom were fantasy-suspends fans and we curious to know the story of President secret book that this movie promoted.

So, we went there, watched the movie, eat the popcorn then go back home. My mom so impressed with a guy who played as Railey, which is Main character's assistent. i dont know who's that guy name when she asked me, so we keep waiting until the movie's credit. When we came back, on the car, we kept discuss about it. National Treasure is cool movie with great effect. The story is fresh and smart, about conspiracy, government secret, treasure, secret map, and lost civilization. But after all, we prefer Da Vinci Code (not the movie) is better than National Treasure.

The Da Vinci Code brought more mystery and conspiracy than National Treasure. It made us don't wanna put the book, or stop to read the next pages when we just start to read it. And the object of Da Vinci Code is bigger; the author brave to challenge the secret of art, Vatican, and Catholic's doctrine.♠

But Da Vinci Code The Movie just another sucks movies. It's really-really lame, when we watched it 2 years ago. They cut some important scene and i can't feel the atmosphere of curiousity. So, if there's another movie which adopted from book (such this brand new Harry Potter Books, The Tunnels, Narnia, LOTR, etc.) i think it's better to read the book first before we watch the movie, if we don't want to be dissapointed!

Old Writings: OHH... My Dear Cameraaa...

Apr. 27, 2008

Today, I was in a really bad-mood.

We still have a last performent of High School Musical at Athens High School, but sadness and hatred covered my eyes...

Yesterday was a really wonderful night.
Everyone celebrated Sami's birthday, right after our second days of performent.
I was one of them, jumped, and yelled. I took a lot of pics of that event w/ my camera.
Everyone goin wild.
When I asked some of my friend to take my pic,
She dropped my dear camera ( I knew it without purpose though ).
Of course my camera is broken.I can't turn it on, although i checked every single part of it.
I can't turn it on, although i put the newest and finest battery on the earth.

I feel really sad. My camera is dead! Tragically, with it's lens coming out and stuck.

I want to blame her (my friend who dropped it), but i can't.
Of course i can't blame my own friend.
I just being patient and keep silent.

But what make me really angry is she didn;t even said sorry or something to me...

Then, today, i went to maddie;s house.
I hope i could still move pics from the memory card into my laptop.
Maddie's opened it with her computer.

But, oh, Sweet Lord, it didn;t work!!!
Suddenly i feel like falling into a deep dark pit.
Gosh, i've so many pics on that camera!
I've so many memories w/ my friends during this shows.
I only have another 24 days to be w/ them, and now i lose it.
The time of happiness that i tried to capture on the picture,
the moment of "we're all in this together" that frozen inside my memory card,
now dissapear, gone with the wind.

Oh, My dear camera...
even though i could buy a new one
but still, u've been with me for months...
U take my friend's picture,
Every single event that happening to me
and now, u're gone,
with the newest memory from High School Musical Play

Rest In Peace, My dear...

I will always remember you