Monday, February 23, 2009

I’m Two Days with the Whole Kit and Caboodle

(The Unexpected Experiences of Unsleeping Night crawlers and Shrieking voices On Approximately 2 Days Insomnia)

Feb 23, 2009
Monday 9:01 PM

Quite a title, isn’t it?

The story goes went I decided to watch English Debating Team of Smunel at Pilot, an event hosted by Brit. Literature on Hasanuddin University. Honestly I was kinda expected to join it. I heard Rijal and Sam will be joining the competition; I got interested more when Diku said she’ll be on the spot this time as her farewell to the high schoolers debating world. But for the sake of me bearing LPMP’s name and the lack of communication with Wanda (Fiery’s newest President), it couldn’t be realized. Then I just came there as a supporter and to meet with some of my old fellahs who studied at the faculty. Nice reunion after all, and a lil bit shocking; I got to see Fuad who supposedly be the Pious student in my school smoked cigars, the new long-haired Theo that remind me to the deceased Benyamin S, and Venny Johan came along from Palopo to Makassar as her school delegation. What a coincidence! Suddenly I found myself being surrounded by AFSers 08-09; Rijal, Venny, Randy, Diku, Yogi, and Sam. And not forget to mention my beloved friend ever; Emiral. He wore a very nice bag from Bali. I like it, Emir! I also made new friend with K’ Uja.

After a full day of hanged around GPI, danau Unhas, and the faculty’s hall, on Saturday we planned to do some crazy karaoke. We will meet at Happy Puppy Karaoke near Purwacaraka Music Studio, my old vocal school. I went there with Sam. Venny, Rijal and Randy had been waiting when we arrived. Diku came late, but the fact is just the same. It’s too expensive to rent the place for an hour and only one room left. So, we concluded to go to Rumah Bernyanyi behind Mall Panakkukang. Rijal is the one who recommended it. He said it’s cheaper. We went there and spent a really amazing two hours full of screaming, dancing, bitching, crawling, and jumping like bunches of total moron. But we were having fun!!! We finished the happy hour around 10 then continued to Coto Daeng until 11:25. After that Rijal took Venny and Diku back home while Sam and Randy spent a night in my house. We talked a lot until 2 pm. Gosh, I just can’t sleep until I aware that tomorrow is gonna be a great day; The White Shoes and Couples Company plus The Upstairs on Smada Festival! Although I never really heard about them or their music either Sam convinced me that they would be awesome. And they did.

On the next day, cloud covered the sky above. I thought Sam and Randy was planning to come over to my place then we can go to Smada Festival together. I kept waiting for them until 3 o’clock and got a tension. Artha and Hiromi was being such some of good friends by pick me up, but I rejected it because I still wondering if Sam or Randy will be coming to my house any moments. But then Randy said that he’ll be going to Pilot first to see Diku then both of them will come to my place. I felt like somebody stabbed me because I just denied a free hitchhike offering from Artha and now I have no idea what I have to do. Luckily, Sam come to my house with Aldi and Baso. Then we were riding together to Unhas to hear the final competition and wait for others.

Afterwards, Sam and I went to Smada Festival with an aggravation and full of worried for being late. The committee said that they’ll close the gate on 7 pm. Randy and Diku also struggled with transportations. But the fact is all of us could meet again inside the festival around 8 pm. We were jumping, laughing, singing, and keeping our stuff from crazy audiences. We stayed on the first row, grasped the iron fence hardly to prevent us getting stuck in amidst of madness. It was unbelievable moment. I never thought both of the main bands would be that wonderful! Especially when White Shoes and The Couples Company brought a sorta-jazzy piece. Marvelous!!! I also enjoyed The Upstairs even though I felt they were kinda weird. However, We were died in ecstasy last night!!! Unfortunately during the concerto someone stole Sam’s cell phone. It was bad and I felt so pity to him. I’ve tried to call his cellphone but somebody rejected the call. I could see his face turned down to anxiety. But Sam is a really adorable boy, he’s playing a patient character. On the next five minutes we found him jumped, yelled, and screamed hysterically along with the band.

I close this story by had a ride back home with Randy and Diku. Randy spent another night at my house and we continued to talk about crappy and stupid thingies until 2 pm. When I woke up this morning, I could feel my head is flooding in the air. I just want to sleep and take a deep rest after this two days full of swell moments. And now, I lose my voice again. That’s what young people do! Simply irresistible…



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