Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Holy Book Reference

As a Muslim, I was born and raised to believe that God has sent The Holy Quran as His Utterance. On the first verse of the second chapter on Quran, God says; This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah. As a Muslim I was taught that Allah sent His Divine Words to Muhammad the Prophet through the Archangel Gabriel as the good news among faithful people and as a warning for them who disbelieve. And I still keep my faith up to this second.

As a human being, I was born and raised together with other people that has differences from me. I went to public school and learned that not all of my friends believe the same faith as myself. He could be a Christian, she could be a Hindu, and so on. We all different, theoritically and practically, but each religions are common on single thing; there's a Supreme and unseen power that has created and authorized the universe. It is written inside their Holy Scriptures like Bible, Torah, Tripitaka, or Veda. Up until today, I still respect this dissidence and their own version of God's Words.

Recently, the news about Quran-burning day and anti Islam movement has spread all over the world. Our planet currently has 6.8 millions population and 1.66 millions of them are Muslims or people who embraced Islam as their religion. That news is not just hurting those 1.66 millions people who put Quran as their source of life and gift from God, but also hurting people who concern about peace and cultural understanding in our modern day. I know that 9/11 is one of the worst day in the human kind history, but pointing out one religion rather than blame those criminals who missinterpreted the context is a very serious thing.
Most people find peace and comfort only by remembering God, that's why religion still hold key in modern society nowadays. Worldly events has sucked up all human's power, we all need a moment to rest. This rest moment is a hole that need to be filled with spiritual activity such praying or simply just reciting His Words. That's why, people who understand their religion perfectly will stop quarelling about which one is right and which one is wrong because God has inspired him to stay away from this neverending debate.

We will never surely discover about something until we 'say hi' to it, deeply investigate, and purified our prejudice mind with welcomed-mind. It's shocking that a small religious community in a tiny place called Gainesville, Florida could have such a frantic idea to burn Quran. Worldwide protest and even President Obama's dissapprobation were enough to stop the event, but the hatred stays inside the follower's hearts. This is what make me sad. Even the deceased Holy Father Pope John Paul II once had kissed a green covered Holy Quran on his visitation to Iraq. Because He believe that every religion is from God, and God is only One who created Heaven and Earth but humand call Him with many names, in many ways.

As I quotes from cnn.com, Stephen Prothero, a Boston University religion scholar and author of "God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions that Run the World," says; "Extremists exist in every religion, and we should not judge any faith by them, a writer says. We shouldn't let our perceptions of Christianity be determined by Terry Jones, or our perceptions of Islam by al Qaeda." He also says; even if you aren't religious you cannot avoid the power of religion, which continues to refuse to be relegated to the private realm either at home or abroad. Religious beliefs and behaviors may or may not move mountains, but they move people. They turn elections in India and in the United States, and they affect economic behavior in Saudi Arabia and China. I'm a hundred person agree with this man. The idea is that we have to maintaining our healthy mind from corruption, bad imagery, and flung into bigotry.

Quran says; And when it is said to them: "Make not mischief on the earth," they say: "We are only peacemakers." Verily! They are the ones who make mischief, but they perceive not (Albaqarah:12-13). May peace be with all of us, and He lead us away from this missunderstanding between others by saying that "We are the peacemakers", while actually is the contrary. Again, as what I always promote and been posted frequently, let us see something 'strange' with different perspective to imagine how it feels to be like other people.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Putting 'heart' on your own Life

Recently, I joined the Tumblr.
It is some kind of social-networking site, but with different apps and purposes (don't compare it with twitter or facebook). Basically it is a simple blog that allow you to post either picture, short story, video, or audio. But it's still permit you to share with your friends by follow them, reblog other's interesting post, or simply 'heart' it.

I'm not talking about the benefit or demerit of Tumblr here (because I ain't no their marketting staff, LOL).
The thing that caught my attention is the 'heart' application. At glance, you find it not too distinct from 'like' app on facebook. But if u think deeper (philosophistically) you'll find that this 'heart' thingy is really has something more than usual 'like' this app.

Take a look on it one more time. Why would you 'heart' others? Is it because you like or love the post? Is it that simple? The content might be touchy, funny, or silly. The picture could be so amazing, stunning or cute. The video might be really entertain you. But, is it only for those purpose Tumblr give us all this 'heart' application?

Heart, as what our super-smart Wikipedia says; is a myogenic muscular organ found in all animals with a circulatory system (including all vertebrates), that is responsible for pumping blood throughout the blood vessels by repeated, rhythmic contractions. The term cardiac (as in cardiology) means "related to the heart" and comes from the Greek καρδιά, kardia, for "heart". According to biological point of view, the presence of heart is so important. It is the first life-supporting organ in our body and the prime one.

Heart is something really important to support someone's life, therefore human starts to use the word "heart" as the source of living, most ultimately feelings. Yes, right in the core of human important life-support organ, lies soul or sense of humanity which is include affection, understanding, awareness and love.

The one that they put on Tumblr is this type of heart.
And since Tumblr itself is a kind of blog that trying to capture fragments from our life thru it posts, you can be grateful of someone's elses (or it could even be yours) by "heart" them. By seeing and being sympathetic to other's good news, we activates our heart and begins to face the world with inspiration. We share hearts, we becoming more human.

Heart your life from others, from now :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Greeting from Summer!

Hello Universe!

How do you do guys? How did you spend your summer?
I have an amazing blast, recently. This Ramadhan (Islamic holiest month, which requires every Muslim to perform their fasting rituals) is one of the hectic moment ever and also one of the most surprising month in this year (so far).
I joined the committee for Welcoming Orientation of Freshmen 2010 on campus (fyi, those little moghuls chose me as the 'Funniest' sophmore. Lol, can't agree more!) The preparation for the days had been started since the very beginning of July. Not to mention an exam day for my Criminal Law Summer class, around those dates also. You see how did I spare my brain onto some focus-parts?

Frankly, I enjoyed it. I loved those days when I was required to do this and do that. I honestly felt like charged-up only by looking on those faces of newbie. I can smell so many excitement of new place and hopes inside the Hall. I knew it. And after days of tears, hard-works, and sense of belonging among the committee itself, I found myself at the Tiger Airways' seats between Diku's and Zein's. Yeah, I deserved that short-holiday to Singapore with both of them, two trustees of mine. And after three days of amazingness, enormous experience, and unforgettable seconds, here I am: back to my 'orange-fragrance' room on the Eastern Pearl of Indonesia.

Although I understand perfectly that maybe from religious point of view what have I done was way too much and degrading (such as skipping two days of my fasting day on Spore and also not performing my daily prayers on some occasion), I could only wish that this year Ramadhan could teach me to be someone better and well-prepared in any kind of condition. Overall, summer 2010 is a blessing and complacency.

Thank you, Universe.