Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Greeting from Summer!

Hello Universe!

How do you do guys? How did you spend your summer?
I have an amazing blast, recently. This Ramadhan (Islamic holiest month, which requires every Muslim to perform their fasting rituals) is one of the hectic moment ever and also one of the most surprising month in this year (so far).
I joined the committee for Welcoming Orientation of Freshmen 2010 on campus (fyi, those little moghuls chose me as the 'Funniest' sophmore. Lol, can't agree more!) The preparation for the days had been started since the very beginning of July. Not to mention an exam day for my Criminal Law Summer class, around those dates also. You see how did I spare my brain onto some focus-parts?

Frankly, I enjoyed it. I loved those days when I was required to do this and do that. I honestly felt like charged-up only by looking on those faces of newbie. I can smell so many excitement of new place and hopes inside the Hall. I knew it. And after days of tears, hard-works, and sense of belonging among the committee itself, I found myself at the Tiger Airways' seats between Diku's and Zein's. Yeah, I deserved that short-holiday to Singapore with both of them, two trustees of mine. And after three days of amazingness, enormous experience, and unforgettable seconds, here I am: back to my 'orange-fragrance' room on the Eastern Pearl of Indonesia.

Although I understand perfectly that maybe from religious point of view what have I done was way too much and degrading (such as skipping two days of my fasting day on Spore and also not performing my daily prayers on some occasion), I could only wish that this year Ramadhan could teach me to be someone better and well-prepared in any kind of condition. Overall, summer 2010 is a blessing and complacency.

Thank you, Universe.

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