Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gente que me Importa

Her name is Dahye Hur. I met her for the first time on the beginning of Willem C. Vis East formation. She's a friend, a debater, a truth-seeker, a strong, and independent girl. Although sometimes she could act so clumsy, everyone love her cheerful character. She's a best friend of me, the one that I can share my secret and thoughts with, and a caring companion. Despite many problems that She has to face, she can show to us her toughness and bright ideas to solve it. Her decision could sound a bit staggering at first, but her nature to dare face the risks made us realize that she is Unstoppable.

I miss our random moment traveling anywhere, sweetheart. I miss those KFC moment. Eating penyetan Pak Kobis, or our sunday-visit to Amplaz. I miss when we talk about world, or simple thing like music or pets. I miss Dahye Hur who calls my name anytime we met on the campus' corridor. I miss her, my 'Jurisdiction-mate' on the making process of memorials. I miss her, she's the one who know how to support me.

Although She's leaving us for Korea, I still keep her close inside my heart.


His name is Sam Wahyudi Junaib. He was born on May 15, 1991. For me, he is a great little brother, someone that you can trust up until 100%, and the one that you can rely on. I'm so proud of him, to his language ability, his personal life, his interests, his power, and his smart + critical point of view. I used to coach him for awhile for debate and FIERY's English Speaking Class. He has this natural tendency to try more and more, his favorite character of me. The more I knew him, the more I proud of this young boy. I believe He deserves a better life in the future. And not to mention his laudable dreams to help many people in this world.

Dear Sam, I always have my prayer on you, whatever your decision is. Wherever you go, God bless you :) UI will be a great start for you... Although I confess that I really want you to follow my step to become part of Gadjah Mada's big family... I suddenly being knocked by God that maybe His scenario for you is even greater...

Good luck on your new place, and don't be hesitate to reach me anytime!

Dahye and Sam, this is an atribute for you both. I love you two :)

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