Friday, May 23, 2008

my very weekend!

Yup, my very weekend... Everything is in between, tired, excited, happy, and of course a little bit tension...

Last friday, May 16, I went to Cedar Point, Cleveland for my Senior 08 Trip. The very famous American Roller Coaster Park in the world. It was a lot of fun. We went to the park at 5.30 in the morning by three jumbo buses. We watched Pirates Of The Carribean 3 and The Transformers in the bus. It was a very long 4 hours driving (plus 4 hours to come back to Athens). I really enjoy the rides there, and having a formidable time!

It was just a day before the trip when i decided to go with them, because before i wasn't feel good about it. After Madelaine, Ani and Mr. Dearing 'subdued' me with a bunch of interesting fact about Cedar Point and my last chance to have fun w/ Athens High School members, then I admitted that i should go there (and i did not regret it! :D).

On the next day, May 17, Ohio University administered a big event with Athens Public. It's called International Street Fair. It's took place at the most-eminent street in this county (probably), Court Street. They blocked the street and set table to every single country as the representatives of international students in OU. I already arranged a meeting with Rachel Couch and a couple of my friends to meet in front of Middle School at 12 pm. But unfortunately, i was really tired and over-sleep (I just came back home from the Senior Trip around 11 pm). I couldn't find Rachel, i felt bad to her. But surprisingly i found her on the crowd of court street. I also met with Febry, Los Dos Muchachitos (Ashim and Ammar), Zukile, Nkuli, Rachel K, Laura Tobar, Joey, Jaymee, Maria Santone, Ellie, Bonnie, and Mason. I had a good time too there, got henna on my hand for 5 bucks only, ate International food (Indonesian noddle is the best!!! Rachel K like it very much! My favorite is Japanese Corn!) and dance (doing some random poco-poco with Rachel C in the middle of the street). After the street fair is over, i went to kak Mila's apartement to spend night there, then on the next morning Anthony together w/ Kak Adila drove me back home.

International Street Fair 08

On Sunday, May 18, at 2.30 pm i had my last symphonic choir concert. I kinda tired, but also excited. Especially when Anthony and Kak Adila came to see me!!! Yeah! I'm so proud when Mrs. Hudson introduced me to the audiens as an exchange student from Indonesia at the end of the concert and people gave an enthuastic applause.

Gosh... My very weekend is very wonderfully obscene, oops, i mean obscure (LOL) means mixed of happines but also deadly sucked my energy.