Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tinggal Dua Bulan!!!

High School Musical Cast at Kids Fest in OU Convocation Center

Woooaah... I can't belief it!!! Nearly, on the next two months i'll come back to my native country...
I'll start my life again as a member of SMA Neg. 5 Makassar and hafta face UAN next year. It's just like a dream here, in United States. And i will wake up from this dream soon. I will leave friends, school, teachers, habbits, and American life style. I'll come back to my room, with my favorite cabinet which is full of manga. I'll wear that White and Grey uniform again, go back to home with lots of homework and projects, then go to after school courses.

Well, that's the consequences for being an exchange student. Your life is just like a dream. It's come so fast then fiuuuh... you won't see it again. Your ambition to move from your squalor environment, your motivation to see the world, your desire to announce that you could reach the sky, your wish to meet new people, and your belief for not to capitulate with destiny, do you will drop all of that while you just step back again to your own country?

It's a big dilemma.
I released myself from a stringent life and tradition, to taste live on this 'numero uno' country in the world, with hope and intention to help the gap between East and West, and tell people from both side about the 'belied stereotype' that spread out throughout the world. Now i shall come back and shall use this year experience. Not for anybody, but me.

Could I?

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