Monday, December 8, 2008

again, something that just popped-out from my Trunk of Idea

Life is not all about me. Or about other people either. Life is about all kind; every single thing that happens during your life. It’s not all about receiving something; it’s also about what on earth that we’ve done for others. Just be grateful that we are existed in the era when everything is possible to be known.

Sometimes, I got scared with different color of thoughts. Pain, happiness, sadness, joy, exaggerated, overwhelmed, or bullied. Even a piece of shit could have a valuable meaning. Like appearance, how important is somebody’s shape in your prejudicial mind? Is that true, the attitude of someone, their behavior is more capable to be the object of judgment than their appearance? Is that really shows someone’s characteristic; their way of life or their way of thought?

Other example, when I said God is a relative figure for everyone, and that the Truth itself no matter what is really complicated or even the truth itself is being considered as doubtful from different point of view; if so, what is the Truth, or which point of view do we have to hold as our beliefs?

What is that mean to be someone, if no one even realizes you were there, breathed the same air with everyone else and taste the same water from the fountain? What is that mean to be with somebody else when in the same time you feel scare to lose him or not pretty sure that you will love him without any guarantee that’ll make bored?

What is that mean to be angry, when your emotion going down you doesn’t even feel the exact same feeling that just passed in your mind? Or what is that mean to be happy if you can’t really see the purpose and the result of your happiness, if it will last forever or no?

Don’t just stay here alone. Life is a travel, so go grab your backpack and start to walk out from your room to see the world. With big heart and wide mind, expand your ideas and be generous. Then help me to find, what the other meaning of this drama is.

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