Saturday, March 6, 2010


Toki my little rabbit,

Ani O'hev O'Tach

You jump into my backyard
Bruchim Habaim!
You’ve cheered and braced up my day
and also adorned my night
Don’t run too far from the cage that I made
I shall catch you before you’re gone

Come here Toki,

Ani O’hev O’tach

Look at you, sitting on the grass
Chewing your carrot, pretend that you’re unaware of me
While I can see those candy-eyes of you are staring at me
I love those big teeth, reddish fur and thy giant ears

Come here Toki, don’t jump too far!

Ani O’hev O’ Tach

You want to play hide and seek?
You hide, and I seek?
Or you want me simply just to be found by you?

Toki, you’ve reminded me of Bambi!
On my backyard that afternoon
Acharei Hatzohorayim
I still keep the memory of you and Bambi were chasing each other

The old Bambi had passed away

But I have you here, Toki
Don’t play too far, my dearest

Then you shall not disappear from my sight

Ani O’hev O’Tach

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