Monday, March 8, 2010

Were you there 160 million of years ago?

Today at 10:03am

My master has a book of secret. A book that could reveal the truth about doubts, questions, and disputes among human kind. The book that could also excavate the mystery of Past and unwrap the curiousity of Future. My master keeps the book of secret on his left armpit and won't allow anyone to touch it. He created seven spirits from fires and lights to guard the presence of the book.

On the day of Frabjous Day (when a little girl named Alice came to Wonderland and slew a monstrous yet so ugly thing called Jabberwocky), my master hid out in the Cave of Void to meditate for 40 days. I couldn't hold out my desire to open the book. Just like Mother Eve, when the Forbidden Fruit lured her to grope and fed through it into her throat.

I cast spell on those seven archangels, to shut their emission of ray for a moment. Then I made a 'mandala', the burning circle around my body to protect me from unexpected situation of my master's hexes.

I opened the book, search the answer of what I've been looking for this whole centuries.
Were you there 160 million years ago, my dear?

I was born multipliedly, again and again to find you, my enlightenment light. I was born as a royal, as a sonnenblume, as a river, as a star, as an eagle, as a dying infant, as a witch, and as a dust on someone’s desk. I’ve been looking for you this far, searching the one that I could lean my body on.
I got a vision from the book of secret. I saw those terrible, powerful, and wondrous kind of lizards. They all crawled on the face of the earth. They were the most ancient creatures that God ever created in this world. From the Triassic to the Late Cretaceous, when no man stood on The New World, they were the kings of their own kind. Arisen from ground, structurized by water, flamed by fire inside their instinct, and breathed by the rough gust of wind. No one ever witnessed the greatest of those gigantic creatures.

Were you already exist with them, oh my sweetheart? Where were you on the moment of inanition?
Those creatures were doing wrong deeds, attacking each other and eating their own family. They were uncivilized, slop over by shed blood on the face of the earth. God didn’t like what they do, so He ordered an enormous yet so majestic angel to stoned them with a big chunk of asteroid.

“When He decreeth a matter, He saith to it: "Be," and it is.”

The toss made a great devastation. The echoes of destruction were spread out throughout the land. Dusts lifted up on the air, covered up the atmosphere and sights. Sea leves were going higher, the planet’s temperature was stiffingly hotter than usual. Here, came the extinction. I couldn’t find you my dear, between the clouds of wrath. I closed this page, and willing to continue the journey to seek you another time.

Now, before my master shall come back, I'm summoning your name inside my heart.

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