Monday, May 31, 2010

Flotilla of HOPE

A number of people have been killed as Israeli forces intercepted a convoy of ships carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

A Turkish vessel leading the flotilla was among those raided. There has been widespread reaction to the incident.


I strongly condemn Israeli navy's using force against an aid convoy, including members of non-governmental organisations from 32 countries.

The international community should not remain indifferent in the face of this attack in the international waters, some 69 nautical miles from Israeli territorial waters which targeted civilians including women, children, the elderly and religious officials from different faiths. It was a violation of the international laws.

It is impossible to accept ignorance of lives of defenceless civilians who were trying to take humanitarian aid to Gazan people. Israel isolates its people with such policies. I wish that Israeli politicians and state will put an end to this situation.

Turkey requests opening of every kind of investigation into the incident. We also request Israel to bring those who are responsible to justice.


I am shocked by reports of killings and injuries of people on boats carrying supplies for Gaza. I condemn this violence.

It is vital that there is a full investigation to determine exactly how this bloodshed took place. I believe Israel must urgently provide a full explanation.


The United States deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries sustained, and is currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy.


The inhuman action of the Zionist regime against the Palestinian people and preventing the humanitarian aid from reaching Gazans does not show this regime's strength, but is a sign of its weakness, and all this brings this sinister and fake regime closer than ever to its end.

All the credit for the news goes to BBC Online

They send us the flotilla
A flotilla fills with humanitarian supplies
An only hope for locked and suffered people on the mainland
To whom should we beg for mercy?
To whom could we lean our wounded hearts on?

But, when the flotilla came
Not even closer to this God's Promised Land
the Israelis army storming the sea
tear the flotilla apart
and burn our last Hopes

Hakaim Takim Imo – you shall surely lift up with him –
(Exodus 23:4; T.B. Baba Metzia 32a)

Where are those words inside your Holy Scripture?
It has been adulterated with blood and lies


Edwin Wibisana said...

Freedom for Palestine

Ahlul is Louie!!! said...

Peace for all of them, our Palestinian brothers...

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May I use this picture for my fb?