Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Wanderer

A tribute to my ancestor...

A big and glowing Sun arise from the East

When the sea is dark still, when the fisherman sails

a buginese boat fills with seafarers from a far-away land

they bring silk saroong, scallops, mandarese oil, and tamarines

race with the ray, juggling with the ocean's wave

those bravehearts, hot boiled blood

join the caravan from unknown places, buy foreign spices and mirror or beads

luban jawi, kain flores, gula kelapa or elephant's ivory

then they trade it again to the hokkian-chinese

the wind is coming, telling everyone the rain is on her arrival

let us welcomed her, wakkaq weroe, by tighten the cargo and rise up the kateer

we are the wonderer in this world

the descendant of great nomads

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