Saturday, June 25, 2011

Same Hollywood, Different Treatment

This morning, I read an article telling that the famous Richard Gere is now in Indonesia. Tomorrow he'll visit Candi Borobudur -the biggest ancient buddhist temple in the world- then will have a luxurious dinner with Sulthan Hamengkubuwono XI (the regent of Yogyakarta Province). The local government has been cleaning up villages on the route to Borobudur. Gere will join Morning Peace Walk on sunday from Candi Mendut to Candi Borobudur. I remember how crowded the street was between both candis, and It’s still attached in my head how ugly was the road from Yogyakarta to Muntilan due to the attacks of “lahar dingin” from Mount Merapi volcanic eruption. I can’t believe that the Head of Borobudur Tourism Park dare to spend alot of money and effort just to clean up the surrounding area for Mr. Gere, while during my trip to the temple at Waisak (Buddhist holiday) to see the Buddhist pilgrims praying there the road was still unbearably suck. No excuses for the pilgrims who wanted to pray.

On the other hand, last night I read an article from Reader’s Diggest. It shows a picture of George Clooney -another Hollywood well known actor- come to Sudan in order to help the african children. They are the victim of never ending conflicts between North Sudan and the newborn state South Sudan. I saw nothing but a very common treatment to Mr. Clooney. Imagine, it’s superhot in africa, no red carpet, special dinner with the local land-owner, or even specific command to adorn the road from airport into mid of sahara.
Isn’t it ironic? You see my point? Its not about Mr. Clooney or Mr. Gere. Its about the treatment.

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