Monday, September 12, 2011

Hi everyone!

How was your break? I got the 2 months awesome holidays ever in these passed three years. Amazing. Ran, Ega, Fit and I were already planning a youth project to promote La Galigo for young Indonesian outside Sulawesi Island and encourage people in South Sulawesi to know more & preserve their culture. We are on our way to create a website and data bank for it. Just wait, I'm filled with youth energy and excitement :)

my "La Galigo" team

Back to Jogja, I have a new spirit and new perspective on seeing things. Planning to take another exchange program, hopefully this one will be my hit to land elsewhere beside Asia or Americas. Great time with family on our "The Damars goes to Mandar" trip to West Sulawesi during Idul Fitri. Great time with friends in Makassar; superthanks to HILITE, AFS peeps, Rafika, Fit, Sam, Rijal, Diku, and Amel. You guys rocks. Will see you again next year (insha Allah).

Ready to shine and inspire more people? Let's do it! :)

Replica of Tamalate Palace in Gowa, South Sulawesi. It was once, a place where the king ruled.

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