Friday, January 20, 2012

NOT BY CHOICE --> a story of prostitute (with her three children)

Okay, maybe it’s too late for me to talk about this 2009’s documentary, but there is no thing such “too late to share”. Agreed?

Nia Dinata, the director of “Arisan!” produced a beautiful yet so inspiring documentary about Indonesian Female. In collaboration with Kalyana, NGO which support women’s rights in this country, they composes four short stories telling about the reality that women must face nowadays. The stories are diversed; from lesbians couple of migrant labours in Hong Kong to Pap Smears’ check crisis among sexually active females in big cities. One which caught my attention the most is about a mother of three that works as stone-cracker in the morning and prostitute at night.

On East Javanese small village, live a woman with three cute little children. She got divorced, and she must work hard in order to sustaining the life of her kids. Her ex-husband only sent her Rp 4.000,00 per week, in which couldn’t even get her daughter a popsicle (if you bought it in capitalistic common mall and convenient store). She work all day to crack ‘batu kali’, but due to the share-benefits procedure with her co-workers, she only get Rp 340.000,00 per month (for three children?! Geez... thats sad!). In addition to fulfill the daily needs, she work again at night, as a prostitue in Chinese Cemetary well known as Bolo. Wait, what?!
Yeah, she has no choice. A lot of low-class Indonesian people in small villages are unequipped with talent or creativity. Their education is below standard, can’t get them to work on Bank as clerk. She married a wrong person, fights every night, and then being cheated. Living with parents after marriage in Javanese tradition is counted as shameful thing amidst society. But living alone with three kids to raised in a small shrack is even harder. She said that end up as prostitute every night is beyond her control. Its not because she want it, not because she’s lustful or disgracefully needs man’s pelvic thrust. No, its different case. She would do anything to feed her children, and since ‘clean-job’ (like cracking stones) can’t make enough money for her, she must do something that every women which has no modest education but has unstirring guts will do: throwing the wee-wee. The saddest part is when she told us that her tariff is Rp 10.000,00 per sexual partner. Every night, she gets Rp 40.000,00 from four customers (she's getting old, can't handle to much people), still she has to pay for 'ojek' which is Rp 12.000,00. Sweet Lord...   

No, I wasnt trying to make fun of her or her condition. Swear to God, I was crying while watching the documentary. Its just, I told this story in the most ironic way. A mother of three, end up in prostitution to fulfill her children needs due to poverty is a serious topic. It opens my mind, it shows a different perspective toward seeing whores and hookers. They, who’ve been judged with damnation and certified as Hell-Club members have stories, just like us. It must be a big deal in their life to end up throwing wee-wee for dirty and sweaty bald-headed nasty men. Some of them maybe longing to be a diplomat, restaurant manager, or happy wife with a cute Brad Pitt-ish smiled husband. Should we blame God for this situation? For His plan toward these people? No. Blaming God is the lamest way to excuse life. I would rather blaming our f*cking governments rather than the capital H-I-M.

These rats (read: corrupt people in national government and stinky capitalist company) runs this country. They took our money and let low-class people suffered the most. Where the heck is Pasal 34 Undang-Undang Dasar 1945 gone? Are they ammended the word “fakir miskin” and “anak-anak terlantar” to “keluarga anggota pemerintahan” and “swasta pemilik modal” already? Already?! If the government is honest and we are not fighting corruption nowadays, we’ll enjoy at least a fitting standard of living condition. United States is ranked 1 level higher than us on total of population. Despite the fact that they’re facing financial and morality crisis right now, the government could still manage to give people free access to health, education, and even financial supports. This country, that has uncountable richness from its natural resources and amazing amount of population is dying. The greediness of those rats lead us to poverty which covered with G20 meetings and Piramida Garut.

Im so pissed and sad. To whom shall we protest for that woman and her three children condition? There are alot of inhumanic stories in this country. Above the whole, all that our president can do is whining and writing lyrics. The last one, for those FPI who has such a magnificent desire to beat non-Muslims, you guys better becoming polygamist and married those unfortunate widows. Thats better for them, rather than end up in hopelessness as prostitutes. Thats also better for you guys, our prophet has set it as one of his greatest example. A way to resolve social problem, rather than carrying sticks to spread horror to the Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Ahmadiyas, Shiites and your other fellow Muslims.   

January 20, 2012

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