Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm Leaving Makassar!!!

Yes, thank God I've done with anything.
I've passed UAN 2009.
Got accepted on the best college which made my parents so proud.
Finished all of the things at school.
Having a wonderful farewell with my best friends.
And did my best on Jazz Event with The Casa Grande just now.
Tomorrow I'll say goodbye to this city one more time, with so many hopes and dreams.

Mom, dad, and everyone. Thank u so much.
Now i'm feeling so relieve but also anxious. So many things passed by on my head and negative assumption about how hard it's gonna be if I live only by myself or how evil the world outside could be.
I think that's normal, to be worried by such a thing. I have to face it by my own, to show that I can stand up by myself.

Sure, everyone has to keep inside their mind that they're stars and showing good intentions to any other.
We live in this world not just alone. We need people to share, to help, and to love us.

The world is waiting for me, and with braveheart Im going to see it!

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