Thursday, June 18, 2009


A poem was made under the banyan tree
so the poet can be overwhelmed with the spirits
to help him scribe the delusion into reality
to sculp imagination by words of feasibility

the poet subdue his soul to be gluttonous
purposing himself entered a magical grotto
to meet with a beautiful damsel, a lady of anonymous
beyond a wonderful blue ocean like it was told on a canto

he drunk an exquisite vine from a marvelous grail
bewitched, amazing taste of glorious life
the sky and earth were fusion, moved together in water trickle
his eyes covered with stars, lights, and throb of joy

he saw thousands of damsel singin and dancing
full with lust and longing, their rustle of desire echoed on the air
playing hide and seek at the forbidden garden
they were naked like little children

After tired chasing the most divine creatures
he fell down on a very comfortable Persian rug
he slept under a majestic tree made of pearl
for a moment, just let him alone
because when he wake up soon
he'll come back to taste the bitter of real life

June, 17th 2009

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