Wednesday, November 24, 2010


War is still happening. For those of you who believe that war is a form of brutallity, madness and barbaric act, each one of us basically having the same line. Who doesn't want to live side by side in harmony and peace? Who, shall I ask you, in this beautiful land created by the Life-Giver intended to shed blood of his own brother? In fact, human is getting lose their purity and principal thought about living as one big family.

What happened between North and South Korea two days ago was a very lamentable moment. After years being separated in cold-hearted relationship between those two brothers, after decades of longing and seeking each others attention, and after times of fearing, the artillery's shot shook the earth which remark a new war in this generation. Both countries from the same root that've been splitted by 'an imaginary line' left the saddest stories in the history of human kind.

We've witnessed grief, pain, and suffering as the results of any military campaign or devastated missiles attack. Although there's some international restriction to protect civilian from those kind of things, the battle field will always remain of victims.

Despite of how different we are toward another, despite how politics, religion, blind-pride, and economic reason are frequently play maneuver to stike the fire, despite the nature of human to enlivened the world with riot, I still believe that someday it'll come to the day when there's no such word like 'You' or 'Me'. Instead, we'll have 'We' as term to refer the first person.

Until we can put the whole world in the same dinner table...
I'll wait and pull my string to see that new unity in the future.

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