Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Laptop Is Broken!!!

I think this is the hardest moment ever in my life.

I just got back from Jogjakarta. I had applied for Gadjah Mada University right there and really wish I could pass the test on the following week. I also had fun to hang out with my friend Ogi, Putri and AFSers chapter Jogja. I spent my time by visiting Kraton, Candi Prambanan, Taman Sari and Malioboro. I had exquisite moment with my favorite little cousin, Ikra Preswara. Although getting wet by rain on the last day after AFSers dinner, I still enjoyed the happiness atmosphere there.

Then I came back to Makassar.
The story is so simple. I got a little fight with my oldest sister because of the internet using in our house. But then she suddenly exaggerated her stupid madness into wild and barbarian act by throwing my laptop to the floor. I was so shocked. On that time I hope my lovely laptop that have been accompanied me from USA will be fine. But when I tried to start it on again, it won't work. I realized a horrible nightmare has come.

So, a computer expert came over to our place and tried to fix it. Unfortunately he said that the hard disk was broken and I'll lose all data I have. I can't belief this!!! Oh My God.

My pictures during exchange year in USA!
My memory with all of my friends there!
My video with my host-family!
My school folders!
My writings! My essays! My stories!
My music! My jazz!
My life, my everything!
And the newest pictures on Jogja!

Shit. What can I say to her? Get rotten in the hell? Be buried in the dark pit of sharp-tooth worms?

I can't even cry anymore. I lose all of my feelings like a walking zombie.
Gosh, my precious experience that'd been captured on pictures are gone. I pray to God he'll get me a better situation after all of this nasty crap.

Lord have Mercy on me...



thanks for the bag. i like it.
abrar is looks jealous with my bag, ahahah

Ahlul is Louie!!! said...

no prob. tell him to pray for you! if you could pass the UGM test then u can buy him a lot of bags from Jogja!!! :)