Sunday, August 7, 2011

the beginning of August at the end of July

I succeeded to be a Group Leader coordinator on Orientasi INAYPsch. 2011-2012 for AFS-YES students. Been searching the right time to jump into Nationals and help them with the orientation camp for at least once in my life time, apparently I did it this year. Had a small (yet so tearful) conflict with my fella-Group Leader, but then we worked professionally and overcame it. Assisting adik-adik AFS-YES, reading their datas and selection results, also fun time with the committees really brightened my August. I didn’t regret my decision to leave PPSMB for freshmen at Fakultas Hukum, although I was one of the most potential candidate to be the program coordinator. For me, spending time with AFSers, for the sake of sending adik-adik abroad was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I met Diku and Randy! It was such a beautiful reunion on the beginning of the Holy Month. They came to the orientation camp just to see me, purified our bestfriendness frequency after our latest crazy time on Chinese New Year a year ago. Two days before, I’ve spent a quality time with Diku and Ipang in karaoke. She gave me a mug with self-drawing on it as belated birthday present. Of course, who dare to reject a gift from my supertough amiga? ;)

Lack of sleep, doesnt matter. Struggle to partner up with new people, doesnt matter. Waste my parents money for Jogja-Makassar, Makassar-Jakarta, Jakarta-Makassar flights, doesnt matter. I enjoyed my super ten days with my besties and my juniors (the next AFS-YES generation that’ll also be the next world class future leaders). Count it as “amal jariah di bulan Ramadhan”, if it could entertain my hidden remorse. Can’t wait to hear their stories!

I close this post with a very beautiful quote from Amri Pitoyo (Project Officer for this year orientation) which inspire me alot:

"Segala gagasan besar ttg dunia terkurung di kamarmu hingga kamu mengalaminya sendiri. Indonesia yang kamu bawa dalam perjalanan ini bukanlah keindahan Bali, batik yang kamu pakai, atau wayang. Indonesia yang kamu bawa adalah dirimu sendiri."




sioranges said...

mantapppp LUL :)
success for your task, b a good leader ya...


Ahlul is Louie!!! said...

thanks Awa :)